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Learn more about the tools you used during the DBA in Space competition: SQL Monitor and SQL Source Control

By Press Release, (first published: 2011/11/21)

Join us for this webinar where Steve Jones, Editor of SQL Server Central and SQL Server MVP will be your host to introduce the star of the DBA in Space webisodes – Brad McGehee, Director of DBA Education at Red Gate Software and SQL Server MVP.    

You’ll be guided you through the tools you’ll have touched upon as part of your bid to win a voyage to space in the DBA in Space competition. Brad will share insights into SQL Monitor, a SQL Server performance monitoring and alerting tool – said to be the future of monitoring. 

Joining Brad and Steve is Grant Fritchey, Product Evangelist and SQL Server MVP who will develop your knowledge of SQL Source Control which is a SSMS Plug-in that connects your source control system to SQL Server.

Whilst you’ll learn more about these tools you’ll also be treated to humorous space-references throughout and grumblings from the three who wish they’d been able to enter the competition of a lifetime.  

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