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Who Wants to Lead the Community?

By Steve Jones,

The annual PASS Summit is coming up in November and I'm excited to go back for another conference, run another party, and meet more people in the community.

The Summit also brings with it the election for the Board of Directors for PASS, an annual event that helps to determine the direction of the organization for the next couple years.  I know that the call for nominations for the board of directors is opening soon, and I'm hoping that there are a dozen or so people that would like to serve and submit their application.

I won't submit mine this year, but I do hope to do so at some point in the future. However in some informal polling of people that I think are well qualified to run and would bring some diversity to the board, I haven't found a lot of interest. That's a little concerning to me since I would like to see the organization grow, change, and succeed in bringing value to SQL Server professionals.

It can be hard to consider running for the board. There are time, and travel commitments. You are putting your name out there in front of thousands of your peers, who will often criticize what you do.  You need buy-in and support from your employer and your family, and you will likely lose some of your personal/hobby time if you are elected.

However I'd like to think that it is good for your career. It's a mini-MBA program in itself, and there has to be immense pride in helping to manage a non-profit organization. I'm hoping that there are more than a few people that have a stable job, some business experience, and are looking to make a difference in the world. Serving on the PASS board would be a good way to do that, and I'm hoping some of you consider running.

Steve Jones

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