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The Command Shell

By Steve Jones,

Recently I heard a few people arguing over the use of xp_cmdshell in a particular situation. One person was adamant that there was a security risk in using this feature. Many of you probably feel the same way, and even the SQL Server platform has recognized there could be dangers with this feature and has it disabled by default, as part of the secure by default installation.

However the security around this procedure has been improved over the years. Non system administrators cannot execute xp_cmdshell by default. Administrators can open up access using a proxy account, but this requires specific configuration changes by administrators. This means that a lot of the danger of using xp_cmdshell for administrative tasks has been removed.

Or has it? This Friday I wanted to poll you and find out what you think. Many of you are creative in how you use SQL Server and will think of possibilities that many of us would not consider.

Is there a security risk in allowing xp_cmdshell to be used by members of the sysadmin role?

I'm not looking for potential issues if a proxy account exists. Instead I'm asking if there are real dangers in allowing administrators to use this tool? I assume you trust your administrators and they will not maliciously use this tool to cause issues in your SQL Server. Let us know how you feel this week.

Steve Jones

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