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A SQL Conference In The Sun

By Steve Jones,

The SQL Server Connections spring conference is coming up in a few weeks in Orlando, FL. This is a part of the DevConnections multi-technology conference and this event is the chance to get some great SQL knowledge and inspiration from experts in a fantastic location. Once again SQLServerCentral is sponsoring a track at the conference; Brad McGehee and myself will be down there, looking forward to meeting a few of you.

I think that conferences are a great way to take a break from work, recharge, and get some excitement back in your job. The speakers at these events teach me about SQL Server, and inspire me to come back and try some new feature or technique in my own environment. I might get the solution to a problem, and usually find that the work is just a little more fun when I return. To me, that's an ROI that's hard to argue against .

DevConnections puts on a great conference event, recognizing that while people want to come learn, they also want to do it in a nice location. This event is in Orlando, with great weather, at a place you can bring your family for a mini-vacation before or after the event. There's no shortage of things to do in Florida, and it's a relatively inexpensive place to visit. The conference hotel even offers complimentary transportation to many popular attractions. Who knows, we might even end up sitting by the pool and talking high availability or Resource Governor in the late afternoons. That's more interesting to me than discussing things in a conference hallway.

So many people are hybrid IT workers, using more than one technology, and this conference reflects that. The last time I went to a DevConnections event,  I attended mostly SQL Server sessions, but did manage to see an ASP.NET session and a couple Sharepoint presentations. Becoming more rounded in my IT knowledge has paid off for me in the past, and the DevConnection events give you the chance to grow skills in a variety of areas.

Hopefully I'll meet a few of you at SQL Server Connections this spring and share a few drinks while we talk about SQL Server.  I should be easy to find in the Hawaiian shirt and cowboy hat.

Steve Jones

Save $200 with the "DevCon1" code when you register.

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