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Project Phoenix

By Steve Jones,

As I've given my Modern Resume talk at a number of events, I've found that there are quite a few people out there in the technology business that are searching for work. Or searching for better work. I've tried to give them some advice on things that might make them more attractive for employers and more likely to find another job. One of the things that I advise them to do is volunteer. Putting forth some effort to help others with your technical skills, or even with leadership or management skills, can help fill up your resume and show employers that you are motivated.

But how should you volunteer? I've suggested contacting a local non-profit or school and asking them if there is someting you can build for them that might be useful in their mission. I'm sure that there are many ideas and needs for these groups, who often can't afford to hire a technology professional to work in a formal way.

Arnie Rowland, longtime SQL Server MVP, has a great new project that looks to assist those people out there that have a project idea. Project Phoenix looks to provide some resources to developers, or aspiring developers, out there. With a combination of software, books,and training, Arnie has built a program that will give people and non-profits some assistance in implementing technology into their environments.

This is a great program that looks to give back to communities and help some technology workers at the same time. If you are interested in applying, or know someone that might benefit from the help, please point them to the Project Phoenix page. You can view the people that have been awarded here.

Steve Jones

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