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All DevOps All Day

By Steve Jones,

There is no shortage of webinar events taking place for technology professionals. From our monthly Redgate DevOps webinars to the GroupBy conference to PASS Virtual chapters, there's a huge set of online events that you can attend and learn from. It's gotten to the point where you could have a full time job watching webinars if you could find someone to fund your efforts.

Every year PASS does a 24 Hours of PASS, which is a neat event where 24 hour long sessions in a row are broadcast. It's a lot of work to get this going, and certainly not many people want to watch 24 hours in a row, but it does seem to be fun. That same idea is being taken a step further tomorrow with All Day DevOps 2017.

There's still time to register and attend a few sessions, or even throw a party (or join one) with fellow technical professionals. Maybe this is a good way to take a break from work and still be productive. This might be one of the cheaper conferences you could attend this year. Maybe you can even convince the boss to get some t-shirts with the savings.

As you might have guessed, I'm a part of this event. I submitted to DevOps East, a conference in Orlando next month, but they also picked me up for the online event, so I'll be watching and speaking tomorrow. This is an interesting format as it's not just 24 sessions. It's over 100 sessions, with 2, 3, or 6 sessions going on at the same time. There are some long sessions, some short ones, all covering different aspects of what we call DevOps. 

Whether you think DevOps is a fad, the idea is silly, or are excited to start building software better and faster, I'd urge you to take a few minutes to scan the schedule and see if there is anything that catches your eye. You might learn a bit on how to change your culture, or improve security, or implement automation. There are even some testing sessions, which I'm looking forward to watching.

Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, learn a bit more about DevOps and have an informed opinion. Don't just judge the movement on the media hype. Listen to some real technical people talk about the ways that they are trying to improve software.

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