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Posted Wednesday, July 14, 2010 5:26 AM


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I have written below query to get the total of each indicual items with same RequestID(requestitemsID are different)
(ts_a.CostLocal * ts_a.Qty)*(ts_b.ExchangeRate)) as Total_Dollor from ts_a ,ts_b
RequestID RequestItemID CostLocal Qty Total_doller
331 1036 123.0000 2 5.05776
331 1037 100.0000 3 6.168

Now i want get the Total of all requestitems those who having same RequestID.
RequestID Total
331 11.177

Can anyone help to write query for the situation?

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Posted Wednesday, July 14, 2010 5:46 AM



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Assuming I've understood you correctly, this should be what you want.

--Once again, I'll build your test data first
[RequestID] INT,
[RequestItemID] INT,
[CostLocal] FLOAT,
[Qty] INT,
[Total_doller] FLOAT)

INSERT INTO @TABLE([RequestID],[RequestItemID],[CostLocal],[Qty],[Total_doller])
SELECT 331, 1036, 123.0000, 2, 5.05776
UNION ALL SELECT 331, 1037, 100.0000, 3, 6.168

--Now to the query
SELECT [RequestID],
SUM([Total_doller]) AS [Total]
GROUP BY [RequestID]

RequestID Total
----------- ----------------------
331 11.22576

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