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Posted Saturday, March 20, 2010 10:17 PM



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Peter Trast (3/20/2010)
Maybe if the data were not previously PARTITIONED, yes, but an assumption not in the question. The clustered index existed before as stated in the question so if both the clustered index and partition scheme were in place previously, data would not move.... anyone say different, please explain... please! :)
Oh I don't know...maybe the MOVE TO clause of DROP INDEX was used? In general though, you are right.

[quote]And, yes, you said that before but I have found it is best just to participate in the discussion without being terribly critical :) Point out specific errors, yes, but never generalize, as in using terms like "terrible", just hurts feelings. Everyone gets a chance to be incorrect now and then. After all, "it depends" is the number one phrase that I associate with SQL...

That's fine. I do not often use such words, but I felt it appropriate to do so here. Each to their own.

Paul White
SQL Server MVP
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