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How to use 1 rdl report parameter in another rdl - Not about parameter action item Expand / Collapse
Posted Sunday, February 23, 2014 12:12 PM
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Hi Friends,

I have a doubt in SSRS.

For ex: I have 4 categories in Healthcare. Say, Kidney, ENT, Bone, Heart. All these 4 categories are stored in 4 tables.

I will run the business rules for Kidney for each month. So i will have some set of outputs for each month. Say, January - 40 records output
February - 20 records as output.
March - 15 records as output.

Altogether 40+20+15= 75 records are there in Kidney table. Like wise for rest of the 3 categories.

I have 2 report rdls.

1. Report A (Its a Summary information with count details)
2. Report B (line level information for the Report A's summary information)

Report A:

I will select Jan month and Kidney from the respective drop down in SSRS report interface.

Since table name is dynamic, i used dynamic sql to get data for Report A.

From the output, i will click one column (say doctor name), that will call Report B.

Report B will produce results for this particular doctor. Here i have to get the data for that particular month (Parameter name: Month) and the particular Kidney table (Parameter Name: Category) which i selected in Report A.

Here is what, am facing the problem, i cant able to get the parameters declared in Report A(month and category parameters) to be utilized in Report B. Its showing error as Parameter expects value.

I tried these below things:

1. Hide
2. Created shared dataset and used that in Report B. But am getting the parameter expects value error (even i hide or make it internal in Report B).

Please help me here to overcome from this problem.


SQL Developer.
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Posted Sunday, February 23, 2014 1:13 PM


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Sounds like you're doing what i used to do - summarizing unnormalized healthcare/oncology data. If you can either normalize your underlying tables or create a stored procedure or view to do it, and use that in your report, your life will be a LOT easier.

I was in a situation like this, and once I bit the bullet and did some programming voodoo to crank out normalized views, the rest was easy. Performance was still terrible, but a "slow" query is faster than a person almost any day...

Can you post your data structure? This just reeks of a really bad underlying design. The whole "4 tables" thing worries me. Once I fixed the mess I was in, I had all the symptom data in one table, and a related "categorization" table, and my summarizing problems went away completely. So your predicament seems eerily familiar...
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