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Convert Column into rows depending on Date. Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:46 PM


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Hi All,
Please suggest me an idea on the below scenario.

I am having table which contain studentid,studentname,startdate,enddate. Sample data is as below.
StudentID StudName StartDate EndDate
1 Mike 4/8/2013 6/16/2013
1 Mike 6/18/2013 8/26/2013
2 John 1/29/2014 4/8/2014
3 Andy 4/10/2014 6/18/2014

Now on depending StartDate and EndDate I want to convert data as below.i.e Monthwise.

StudentID StudName Month
1 Mike Apr
1 Mike May
1 Mike Jun
1 Mike Jul
1 Mike Aug
2 John Jan
2 John Feb
2 John Mar
2 John Apr
3 Andy Apr
3 Andy May
3 Andy Jun


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Posted Friday, May 31, 2013 8:43 AM



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You really need to post ddl and sample data. I posted it for you this time.

You can use a tally table here to fill in the "missing" months. You can read about tally tables here.

This produces the output you want.

set dateformat mdy

if OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#Student') is not null
drop table #Student

create table #Student
StudentID int,
StudentName char(4),
StartDate datetime,
EndDate datetime

insert #Student
select 1, 'Mike', '4/8/2013', '6/16/2013' union all
select 1, 'Mike', '6/18/2013', '8/26/2013' union all
select 2, 'John', '1/29/2014', '4/8/2014' union all
select 3, 'Andy', '4/10/2014', '6/18/2014'

select StudentID, StudentName, left(DATENAME(month, DATEADD(month, N - 1, 0)), 3) as [Month]
from #Student s
join Tally t on t.N >= month(StartDate) and t.N <= month(enddate)
group by StudentID, StudentName, left(DATENAME(month, DATEADD(month, N - 1, 0)), 3), DATEADD(month, N - 1, 0)
order by StudentID, DATEADD(month, N - 1, 0)


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Posted Saturday, June 8, 2013 11:26 PM



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micheltomes (6/8/2013)
I think my friend , gave you right script. So not need to give more details. Please check the code and use it. I think will some all problem.

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