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this query is taking time for execution how to trouble shoot Expand / Collapse
Posted Saturday, April 13, 2013 12:40 AM
SSChasing Mays

SSChasing MaysSSChasing MaysSSChasing MaysSSChasing MaysSSChasing MaysSSChasing MaysSSChasing MaysSSChasing Mays

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HI every one application team informed that this query is taking more time than normal so from my end what should i do?

select xfrq.bay_user_id,xfrq.fr_acid,cusr.c_m_phone_no,cusr.c_email_id,xfrq.txn_amt,xfrq.end_date
from xfrq,cusr where xfrq.bay_user_id = cusr.bay_user_id
and xfrq.r_mod_id = 'FTONLDISP'and

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Posted Saturday, April 13, 2013 12:57 PM



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The biggest problem with the current query is that it's not possible for an INDEX SEEK (and subsequent range scan) to occur on the r_mod_time column because of the formulas you have wrapped around the column. This is how to fix that as well as impart what most people would be some "best practices". Of course, you have to have the correct indexes, as well.

 SELECT x.bay_user_id
, x.fr_acid
, c.c_m_phone_no
, c.c_email_id
, x.txn_amt,
, x.end_date
FROM dbo.cusr c
JOIN dbo.xfrq x ON x.bay_user_id = c.bay_user_id
WHERE x.r_mod_id = 'FTONLDISP'
AND x.res_code = 0
AND x.r_mod_time >= '20130413' AND x.r_mod_time < '20130414'

--Jeff Moden
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