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Posted Thursday, February 28, 2013 4:30 PM
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We have 3 plants all interconnected with high speed WAN. Each plant has it's own SSRS and SQL server (for it's own applications), but people from all three plants need to run reports on each server. If we host reports locally at each site and point to remote DB's, performance is terrible. IF we logon to SSRS remotely, performance is acceptable as only the screen rendering is across the WAN link, but then employees have to go to three URL's and were administering access control on 3 server (maybe scale-out deployment would help with the admin)

The most heavily used SSRS server (plant A) has a front-end that is part of 3rd party's product. It has good user access control and lets us control access at the report level. From what I understand, the native SSRS web UI can only control access at the folder level, so we'd end up with huge set of folders to get correct level of access control granularity.

I did think about building my own BI front end. This would present available reports to a user based on a UserID/EmployeeID tuple in a custom table. When the user clicks a report it would simply navigate to the relevant URL (at any site - e.g. http://PlantB/reports/report1)

This did get me thinking: does anyone know of a commercial product that gives a single front end to a farm of SSRS servers. It's nothing to do with load balancing, just a single UI to control access to, and provide a single "Launchpad" for users. So when User A logs in, they see reports that they are allowed to run. If they are at Plant A and running a report located at plant B, it would simply point to http://PlantB/reports/report1

I googled it a bit, but didn't turn up anything


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Posted Thursday, February 28, 2013 7:51 PM
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I can't help with info about a product that will make the SSRS sites "look" like one site

As far as report security is concerned, you can secure items within a folder if you wish. When you hover over the report, you should see a dropdown list appear (initially just a arrow head - click on the arrow head). You will see a list of things you can do including "Security". Click on security and you can set permissions for the report item. By default, permissions are inherited from the parent folder but you can choose to overide these permissions. I would suggest that, wherever possible set permissions at the folder level and also, if you can, use Windows Groups.

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