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Generate "CREATE...FOR ATTACH" stmt. dynamically

By jpcaudill,

In instances where you have over 16 data files, or you need to move data files to a new location when you are moving a database you must use a CREATE...FOR ATTACH statement.  This script will generate the CREATE...FOR ATTACH statement dynamically given a database name.  It will take into consideration the file sizes, growths (automatically determines if it's MB or percentage), filegroups, locations and names.  We've found this quite useful in migrating a VLDB from production to development, which has a completely different drive setup.  Execute this script in the context of master.

Here is an example scenario-

On a weekly basis, you must refresh a development server.  The drive letters are the same on production and development.  In order to accomplish this using this script, you would:

1) Backup your production database.
2) Run this script in the context of master.  Save the SQL statement to a safe place!!!
3) Kill all user processes, and detach your database on production.
4) Kill all user processes, and detach your database on development.
5) Copy the data and log files from production to development.
6) Run the SQL statement generated from step 2 on both production and development.  Your database should be back in normal operating condition.

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