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PASS Data Architecture Virtual Chapter presents Data Warehouse Architecture

By Press Release,

Data Architecture (200 Level) underpins just about everything we do in IT. Without a clear understanding of how data is structured, there is no reliable way to derive meaning from it. Data Architecture drives the design and governance of data systems, and thus should be of interest to any data professional.

Data Warehouse Architecture -
Data Warehousing is a large and often misunderstood concept. Marketers, Authors, and IT Departments all have differing spins and opinions on what is involved and just how to go about building one. In this session we will discuss some of the more common architectures and practices. We will cover various aspects of what goes in to Data Warehouse including the systems, modeling, data storage, data integration and data access.

John Racer
Database Administrator, Business Intelligence Developer and Data Warehouse Designer with strong knowledge of telecommunications, care center, compensation and business operations systems. Experienced with implementation and maintenance of SQL Server and Oracle Multi-Terabyte High-Availability environments. Broad experience with project management through SDLC, RAD and Scrum. Driven by the challenge to understand business and processes and apply this knowledge create innovative applications of technology to improve organization and operational efficiency.

More information is available here.

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