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SQL Saturday #285 Atlanta

By Press Release,

SQL Saturday is a free day of training and networking for SQL Server Professionals. SQL Saturday #285 Atlanta will be on May 3, 2014 at the Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta, please register early if you wish to attend as spaces fill up quickly.

Register for SQL Saturday #285 here.

Pre-Conference Sessions

This event will also feature 3 Pre-Conference sessions. The registration for Pre-cons is handled separately, so you must make sure to register for the SQL Saturday and the Friday session you wish to attend (A pre-con registration does not automatically sign you up to the SQL Saturday).

Pre-Conference sessions cost $149.00.

Teo Lachev: Deep Dive into the Microsoft BI Semantic Model (BISM)

The chances are that your organization has a centralized data repository, such as ODS or a data warehouse, but you might not use it to the fullest. Join this insightful full-day event to understand the importance of having a semantic layer that bridges users and data. In the Microsoft BI world, BISM consists of Power Pivot, Tabular, and Multidimensional. 

We'll start by comparing these technologies to understand their usage scenarios, strengths and shortcomings. Next, we'll put our business user's hats and see how Power Pivot and the rest of the Microsoft self-service BI stack helps you integrate data from multiple data sources, implement self-service BI data models with Excel to ideate and promote divergent thinking. 

Next, we will follow the BI continuum and see how to share these models and reports with your teammates by deploying them to SharePoint. Business intelligence professionals will discover how to build scalable and secure organizational solutions powered by Tabular and Multidimensional that deliver supreme performance with large data volumes and promote a single version of the truth. 

Feel free to bring your laptop and explore BISM on the go. 

Register For Teo Lachev’s Pre-Con

Denny Cherry: SQL Performance Tuning & Optimization

In this session you will learn about SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012 performance tuning and optimization. Industry Expert Denny Cherry will guide you through tools and best practices for tuning queries and improving performance within Microsoft SQL Server.  This session will guide you through real life performance problems which have been gathered and tuned using industry standard best practices and real world skills.

This session starts off with reviewing the various native tools which are available to you from Microsoft with your SQL Server License and how all of these tools can be used to help you performance tune your SQL Server installation.  These tools include SQL Profiler, Extended Events, Database Tuning Advisor and more.  We will use these tools to identify problem areas within the SQL Server database engine and how to solve for these problems.

We will look at the new ColumnStore index and how it can be used to improve performance within your data warehouse platforms, including how to use it in a data warehouse which needs to be written to through out the day bypassing the problem of the columnstore index being read only.

We will discuss some scaleout options which are available with Microsoft SQL Server both within the database by using table partitioning to spread the workload to multiple disks, as well as AlwaysOn Availability Groups and how they can be used to scale a database out across multiple servers.

Register for Denny Cherry’s Pre-con session.

Kalen Delaney: What the Hekaton!? A Whole New Way to Think About Data Management

Why concurrency matters for performance, and how In-Memory OLTP can drastically improve yours

SQL Server Hekaton, Microsoft’s new In-Memory table technology being shipped as part of SQL Server 2014, will completely change the way you think about concurrency and data management. Concurrency problems are one of the top three performance issues that all applications have to deal with.

In this full-day seminar, Kalen Delaney (a SQL Server MVP for over 20 years) will show you how SQL Server 2012 manages concurrent operations to understand where there is room for improvement.  We’ll look at the completely new data structures for In-Memory OLTP to see how SQL Server 2014 can provide lock-free and latch-free data processing.

This session we’ll discuss what gets written to disk during checkpoints, as well as what gets logged. Kalen will explain how the recovery process recreates your Hekaton tables. Finally, she’ll go into detail on just what it is that makes Hekaton so much FASTER!

Our planned agenda:

·         Why Hekaton?

·         Concurrency Control in SQL Server 2012

·         In-Memory Data Structures

·         Data Access

·         Performance Benefits

·         Managing Memory

·         Persistence and Storage Management

·         Planning for Hekaton

Register for Kalen Delaney’s Pre-con session.

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