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Security - Collaboration required on unique production environment Expand / Collapse
Posted Sunday, June 13, 2010 8:07 PM



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Hi my fellow SQL (super) freaks...

I have a very unique...or maybe not so unique...production environment, where I would greatly appreciate some collaboration on the best way to resolve a security issue.


Local: SQL2000,SQL2005(32bit),SQL2005(64bit)
Hosted: SQL2000,SQL2005(32bit),SQL2005(64bit)

This is a typical situation where the company has grown from small to very large...very quickly and security was left behind. Currently there are 3 departments (Infra Structure, Support, Development) that needs access to the various DBs that lives on both the front end and the back end.

Tables are encrypted as there are sensitive information with the passwords and enc-keys to these all saved in a central location using 3rd party Password DB.

The Problem
1. As there is no DBA, the DB security is handled by the Infrastructure Dept (2 people) -- HIGH SEC RISK
2. These same 2 people has got access accross the whole company's network and servers as it requires them to have. -- HIGH SEC RISK
3. Instances occured where data was changed and nobody took responsibility as too many people had access. -- UNACCEPTABLE
4. Various people need access, but not all the time. -- HIGH SEC RISK

(Proposed) Solution
1. Get a DBA (not in the near future)
2. Change the security habbit from have-to-have to need-to-have (too time consuming as someone needs to assign and de-assign security rights etc whole day long.)
3. This is where i need the help??
Has anybody have a similar environment with similar issues, if so please advise how you overcome these.
Does anybody know of a token-based / un-managed security module?

Your input will be greatly appreciated.


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