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Automating Excel from SQL Server Expand / Collapse
Posted Monday, February 21, 2011 10:06 AM



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I haven't tried performing Excel Automation on Windows Server 2008, so I don't know what would be required to make it work there. Sorry.

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Posted Wednesday, August 24, 2011 5:06 PM
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I'm guessing that to use automation you also have to have Excel installed on the SQL Server which in any organization with a controlled software environment may not be the case. I just checked on ours and it is not installed.

Another option rather than Excel automation from the server is to use an SSRS report linked to an Excel spreadsheet, or simply use the Workbook_Open event to have the spreadsheet update itself.
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Posted Monday, May 7, 2012 12:44 PM
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paulallen7 (12/5/2008)
Nice article, even if there are drawbacks to this approach it's info worth knowing.

We've been looking at a bit of SQL automation of excel. (not similar to the problem provided but some ideas could be adapted).

Would anybody know if this approach would work on a 64 bit SQL server? (no 64 bit implementation of jet). I've got a stand alone app running on our SQL server that talks to ACE and JET databases (using WOW64) but couldn't get my CLR proc to do the same as it's running under the control of 64 bit SQL.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


-- EDIT: Just noticed that post above was written at the same time! :)

I use the automation cmd in sql to open and save excel file.

it looks like it doesn't work in x64 bit sql server. Could anyone provide some advice?

declare @xlApp integer, @rs integer
execute @rs = dbo.sp_OACreate 'Excel.Application', @xlApp OUTPUT
execute @rs = master.dbo.sp_OASetProperty @xlApp, 'ScreenUpdating', 'False'
execute @rs = master.dbo.sp_OASetProperty @xlApp, 'DisplayAlerts', 'False'

declare @xlWorkbooks integer
execute @rs = master.dbo.sp_OAMethod @xlApp, 'Workbooks', @xlWorkbooks OUTPUT

declare @xlWorkbook integer
execute @rs = master.dbo.sp_OAMethod @xlWorkbooks, 'Open', @xlWorkbook OUTPUT, 'C:\test.xls'

Declare @FileName varchar(200)
Set @FileName = 'C:\test_format.xls'
execute @rs = master.dbo.sp_OAMethod @xlWorkbook, 'SaveAs', null, @FileName, -4143

execute @rs = master.dbo.sp_OAMethod @xlWorkbook, 'Close'
execute @rs = master.dbo.sp_OAMethod @xlApp, 'Quit'

Result: Command(s) completed successfully.

but these is no test_format.xls created.
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