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Can't Update Build on SQL 2000 SP4 Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, December 4, 2008 12:07 PM
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Here is some interesting things I found out with our testing.

I built another VM today that is very similar to our production box (OS: Windows 2000 Server SP4 and all security updates). I then installed SQL 2000 and added SP2 which is what it was running at and as far as I know no additional hotfixes. I made sure the server was had all updates applied. We pulled a backup copy of one of our databases and restored it in the test environment (that way I was working with valid data). After this was setup I took a snapshot of the VM (W2K3SP4 - SQL2KSP2). I had them test our application and as expected no issues. I then installed SP4 for SQL2000 and took another snapshot of the VM (W2k3SP4 - SQL2KSP4). I had them test the application again and failure. I then went and installed the HOTFIX that I downloaded from Microsoft for the issue (KB901212). I installed this hotfix which took it to build 2184 and then took another SNAP (W2K3SP4 - SQL2KSP4 W/ Hotfix : Build 2184). I had them test it and the application was working. So then I wanted to see what happened if I let WSUS apply any additional updates after that and as expected it applied (KB948111 - since I was running build 8.00.2148) and I took another SNAP (W2K3SP4 - SQL2KSP4 W/ Hotfix and KB9481111 : Build 2272). I had them test it again and it failed. I then went back to my SNAP (W2K3SP4 - SQL2KSP4 W/ Hotfix : Build 2184) and had them test it again to check if the issue was fixed. This works.

If I install update KB9481110 then I can not apply the Hotfix for KB901212 because the application thinks it is already installed but the application is broken.

If I install SP4 and then install the Hotfix directly for KB901212 which takes it to build 2184 the issue is fixed. However as soon as I apply KB9481111 from WSUS the appliction is broken again.

Any ideas?

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Posted Thursday, December 4, 2008 1:33 PM


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it would not be the first time a hotfix has reintroduced a problem fixed by an earlier hotfix.

you do want to be at least at SP4 so If I was you I would apply the level that works for you (SP4 plus hotfix to 2148) and leave it at that. It leaves you at very near the highest level you can go to on SQL 2000. I would also turn off WSUS on your SQL servers, you need more control over patches that are applied to SQL.

The security hotfix MS08-040 is 'important' rather than 'critical' so if your server is behind a firewall and not open to the world you should be ok. As this is a known bug I would also report it to MS, there should be no charge.

If you can work up a code workaround I would for future proofing. Seems strange that an app adds or drops an alias?

Good luck and thanks, that was fun. :)


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Posted Thursday, January 22, 2009 11:08 AM


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did you find the answer?

SQL Server 2000 8.00.2250 is a GDR Release
SQL Server 2000 8.00.2273 is a QFE Release

For the Difference Between GDR and QFE look:


If you have GDR installed this must include all patches from this line and all the build numbers like 2145, 2187 and 2249.
But shure, a problem can come back.

But is the problem still there if you use the QFE release 2273 ???
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