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SQLDMO.ExecuteWithResultsAndMessages2 Method Expand / Collapse
Posted Monday, July 28, 2008 11:30 PM
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I Used SQLServer 2000/2005 with VB 6.0. I used SQLDMO in My Application.

I try to Execute a batch script with SQLServer2.ExecuteWithResultsAndMessages2 method. but every time i got error message "incorrect syntax near 'GO'"

Full Code is:

Dim sSqlServer As New SQLDMO.SQLServer2
Dim sDatabase As SQLDMO.Database2
Dim qResult As SQLDMO.QueryResults2
Dim sMsg As String
Dim sCommand As String

Call sSqlServer.Connect("Server", "UID", "PWD")

Set sDatabase = sSqlServer.Databases("MyDB")

sCommand = "/*MyScript.SQL*/" & vbCrLf
sCommand = sCommand & "SET NOCOUNT ON" & vbCrLf
sCommand = sCommand & "SELECT * FROM MyTable" & vbCrLf
sCommand = sCommand & "Print Cast(@@RowCount As VarChar) + ' Record(s) Found'" & vbCrLf
sCommand = sCommand & "SET NOCOUNT OFF" & vbCrLf
sCommand = sCommand & " GO"

Set qResult = sDatabase.ExecuteWithResultsAndMessages2(sCommand, sMsg, Len(sCommand))

Msgbox sMsg
Msgbox qResult.Rows

Pls any one solve my problem.
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