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A Function Gotcha with the Use of an Asterisk Expand / Collapse
Posted Wednesday, September 16, 2009 5:15 AM

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For those lazy guys like me...

You can create a SP that takes one varchar parameter that does all the lazy code generating work and with some extras like generating C# code to use as 'Parameters.Add(...'
OR CRUD SP's for your solution.

Just add the code generator SP to one of your Keyboard shortcuts (SQL2005/8: Tools/Options. Environment/Keyboard).
Now you just highlight the table name in your query window and hit Ctrl+5 and it spits out the generated code for you.
Then there is code generator SP's for your SP's for use in C# code too.

You can do this with all the other popular sp_'s (sp_lock, sp_helptext, sp_who...)

Here is a sample of a simple Select statement:
case WHEN ca.mincol = c.colorder THEN 'SELECT [' ELSE ' [' END
+case WHEN ca.maxcol = c.colorder THEN ']'+char(10)+'FROM ['+o.[name]+']' ELSE '],' END
from syscolumns c
join sysobjects o on =
cross apply (select max(colorder) as maxcol, min(colorder) as mincol from syscolumns c2 where = as ca
where o.[name] = 'TableName'
order by c.colorder

If you want my code generator SP's just drop me a message.
You can then modify it to your hearts content.

Use it, don't use it. Up to you.
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Posted Wednesday, October 7, 2009 2:01 AM


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Another way to keep the function using * up-to-date is :

1. alter the table (which u r using in function)

2. sp_helptext 'MyFunctionName'

3. Copy the result

4. Replace "Create Function" with "Alter Function"

5. Run it and its ALL DONE!

UPDATE: for view use following
sp_refreshview 'MyViewName'
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