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What is wait state FFT_NSO_FILEOBJECT Expand / Collapse
Posted Friday, May 2, 2014 9:14 AM

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Google is just not helping me. I've been trying to access the file table shares exposed on a server (I can select, delete, update, etc via SQL) via untransacted access with no luck (the share just sits there doing something when I try to access it, no error message of any kind).

So I thought I'd look to see if there were any open file handles via

SELECT * FROM sys.dm_filestream_non_transacted_handles;

I found there were 10 non transacted handles open, and they've been open for 3 days for automated processes and the files are about 1-2Kb in size.

so I tried to kill them via
exec sp_kill_filestream_non_transacted_handles

that's normally not something that takes very long (in fact when I cleared two for a different database it took just a second or two).

so leaving the stored proc running, I figured I'd connect and fire up Adam Mechanic's sp_whoisactive.
I see the processes to kill the open file handles, with a wait state of FFT_NSO_FILEOBJECT

Googling that brings back virtually no results, so any idea what this wait state is about?

--Mark Tassin
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Posted Monday, May 5, 2014 12:42 PM



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I did some asking around and it looks like you should contact CSS to get an answer as they may need a mini-dump of the SQL Server process.

Jack Corbett

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