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Posted Thursday, February 6, 2014 1:22 PM


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I am trying to get a sum of of all devices where the count is > 1
Count(IIF(Count(Fields!Device_Name.Value)>1 , Count(Fields!Device_Name.Value),0)

But the above expression gives me 1 even though there are no devices with count> 1

SUm(IIF(Count(Fields!Device_Name.Value)>1 , Count(Fields!Device_Name.Value),0) gives error.

Any ideas?
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Posted Wednesday, February 19, 2014 7:43 AM

Ten Centuries

Ten CenturiesTen CenturiesTen CenturiesTen CenturiesTen CenturiesTen CenturiesTen CenturiesTen Centuries

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Can you provide some sample data and I will have a look at this for you. Until then, I will make an assumption:

You could re-write / write a query which will work it out for you in advance.
-- Assuming your test data looks something like this???
Devicename NVARCHAR(100)
( Devicename
SELECT 'Nokia'
WITH MoreThanone
AS ( SELECT Devicename ,
COUNT(Devicename) AS DeviceCount
FROM @TestData
GROUP BY Devicename
HAVING COUNT(Devicename) > 1
SELECT SUM(DeviceCount) AS TotalCountofDevicesWhereCountMoreThanOne
FROM MoreThanone

The above can then be used anywhere on your report.

Failing that, (The only way I can see) break down the problem by putting the returned data into a Tablix on the report and create an expression to return the count if it's greater than 1 otherwise return 0. The unfortunate part is that you cannot then use those values in an aggregation other that the header or footer of a report. In this case I have used the header and all looks good. (See image attached)

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Posted Thursday, February 20, 2014 1:07 PM
Old Hand

Old HandOld HandOld HandOld HandOld HandOld HandOld HandOld Hand

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I have encountered a similar situation w/r to placing sums only in footers.

What I did instead was to generate in T-SQL a table variable which is first populated by the raw data then another T-SQL statement inserts summed up records. I have added an extra column which flags each record as Raw or Sum and use the SSRS's Conditional Row Visibility to print a subtotal record in a group of the raw records (also filtered as per the Raw flag).
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