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Using SharePoint 2010 Lists in SSRS 2012 Filters / Parameter Questions Expand / Collapse
Posted Monday, September 2, 2013 8:55 AM

Old Hand

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Hi all,

We are trying to do a report off multiple SP Lists in a single report. im having trouble finding links and info on setting up filters/parameters using SharePoint Lists, though.

In the examples i can find. It is possible to query a SharePoint List and filter the results using the <query> tags. But I cant find anything on how it really works. BOL has some examples but ive not found them very helpful.

i need to be able to do the following type queries.

Create a parameter list in SSRS with distinct values from a SP list.

Do some select col1, col2 from SP List WHERE name = @parameter

Link a subreport via a parameter (ie do a join in SQL tables, i cant see a way to join multiple lists in a single table so im just doing a subreport in a column but dont see how to link the results.)

I could do the report in about 10 mins if the data was in SQL, but we dont have BCS set up and the business has issues with doing anything that breaks the norm of sharepoint (if that makes any sense)

Hope someone can guide me to results or point me in the direction of a web page ive missed or blog that shows how to do this, I cant be the first to want to do this..

thanks for any replies.

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Posted Thursday, September 5, 2013 7:32 PM
SSC Rookie

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First of all it is important to know the following:

Your platform OS and architecture.
What is your SQL Server installation if any?

If I assume Windows 7 (x64) bit then it is possible to install reporting services (2012) in SharePoint integrated mode. With this in place you could generate reports.

Report Builder 3 can be installed stand alone which you can use to generate reports from SharePoint list. I created a custom list and generated a report using Report Builder 3.0.

It is in my recent book on SQL Server Reporting Services 2012, the details of which you can find in my blog:
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