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Cannot convert a char value to money. --Error Msg 235 Expand / Collapse
Posted Sunday, July 7, 2013 8:16 AM


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I want to write a query & need to convert char value to money.

following Error is showing after Executing Query.
Msg 235, Level 16, State 0, Line 1
Cannot convert a char value to money. The char value has incorrect syntax.

plz tell me how to solve this issue..

here is my query..

select Name from sales.currency
where CurrencyCode in
(select Convert(money,Avg(AverageRate))AverageRate from sales.currencyrate
where CurrencyRateDate='01-07-2004'
and TocurrencyCode ='AUD')

In this 'AverageRate' column is money datatype & 'Name' column is nvarchar data type.

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Posted Sunday, July 7, 2013 1:11 PM



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Your subquery is returning a money type - averagerate, but you are then using that as a lookup for a currency code, which is presumably a char type...this makes no sense at all. Why would you expect to find a char currency code in a subquery that contains money?


select geometry::STGeomFromWKB(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