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Indexes on a Query with a pivot function Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, April 25, 2013 1:32 AM


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Hi all,
Many thanks to the poster that helped me clear up a misconception that I was having with indexes a week ago but now I have a question as to whether indexes are possible to create on a pivoted view. Say we have two tables:

.... some other fields .....

EmQualifier - this is the string name for the column field
EmData - this is the data value

and in order to access data from the Employee table we have a pivoted view, call it Employee_Pivot_View:
Select EmployeeId, LastName, FirstName, Department, Company, EmploymentStatus
(Select EmployeeId, EmQualifier, EmData
From Employee) as E
For EmQualifier IN (LastName, FirstName, Department, Company, EmploymentStatus)) As E_Pivot

If I were to write a query:
SELECT P.FirstName, P.LastName, P.Age, P.Address, EPV.Company, EPV.Department
FROM People P INNER JOIN Employee_Pivot_View EPV ON (P.LastName = EPV.LastName AND P.FirstName = EPV.FirstName)
Where EPV.EmploymentStatus = 'Employed'

I know that I can't use an indexed view on a PIVOT but is it possible to generate an index on the Employee table, in order to improve performance?
Please ignore the percentage of hits the WHERE condition can generate, let's say it's under 5 % so that an index seek can be used.
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Posted Thursday, April 25, 2013 4:48 AM



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The best approach for tuning a query like this would be to start with the execution plan to understand how the optimizer is resolving it. That can help you apply indexes. Without that, I'm just guessing. But, you can see that you're doing JOIN on the firstname and lastname columns. Those look like candidates for an index. You also have a WHERE clause. That column is also a candidate for an index, but, based on the type of data that is likely there, it may not be a good index key all by itself, so you may need to experiment with adding it to other indexes, but without seeing the execution plan, you'll just be guessing at what might be useful.

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