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Reorganze index and Statistics Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, March 28, 2013 8:53 AM



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opc.three (3/27/2013)
GilaMonster (3/27/2013)
opc.three (3/27/2013)
At 50% I would rebuild. If you're having trouble with log size look into partitioning your table and indexes so you can rebuild smaller subsets of your index, ie only the partitions that need it.

Or switch to bulk-logged recovery model if possible.

True. That will help keep log size down but could increase tran log backup sizes.

OK, maybe negligibly larger. I have not paid too much attention to the actual differences but know they are larger. With a ton of index rebuild activity I figured it would be noticeable but maybe not as much I figured.

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Posted Thursday, March 28, 2013 10:34 AM


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Thanks but bulk logged wont work for us. Also, we are use log shipping to another datacenter.
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Posted Thursday, March 28, 2013 10:54 AM



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EL_oh_EL (3/28/2013)
Thanks but bulk logged wont work for us. Also, we are use log shipping to another datacenter.

Mind if we ask why it wouldn't work?

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Managing Transaction Logs

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Posted Friday, March 29, 2013 7:37 AM

SSCarpal Tunnel

SSCarpal TunnelSSCarpal TunnelSSCarpal TunnelSSCarpal TunnelSSCarpal TunnelSSCarpal TunnelSSCarpal TunnelSSCarpal TunnelSSCarpal Tunnel

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EL_oh_EL (3/27/2013)
Thanks! what i am trying to accomplish is to update the stats since they are not being kept up. I have thought about rebuilding the indexes since some are pretty fragmented >50%. but one concern is that our tables are huge like over 10Million rows of data so transaction log growth can grow pretty crazy. Is it rebuilding an indexes recommended based on how fragmented it is? Our trans log backups are done every 15 mins.

1) It is funny what people think is "huge" these days. I have a 131M row table on my laptop I use for data warehousing and column store index demos.

2) You cannot be successful managing a 1TB+ database on any RDBMS system without doing quite a few things right. Index mx and statistics updates are two of those things. The proper solution on HOW to manage those things best for YOUR SYSTEM cannot be determined without a lot more knowledge about your apps, data access/processing, mx window(s), SLAs, etc, etc. I could tell you things that would be general best practices that could totally fubar things for your system. I recommend you get a professional to help you determine what your needs really are and get things set up and mentor you on how to monitor/react to your systems needs.

3) Large tlogs are part and parcel of managing a large database. Plan for it or suffer the consequences.

4) Given log shipping to another datacenter you mentioned, are you compressing before shipping (assuming you have bandwidth/latency issues that usually come with that scenario)?


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