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How to create survey report in SSRS Expand / Collapse
Posted Tuesday, March 5, 2013 7:11 AM
Old Hand

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How to create survey report in SSRS.
I am having set of 5 survey things. i need to get the input from the user and save it in the DB and finally need to make a chart based on it.
Is there any links or solutions to this one.

For Eg: say Good 0 (radio button),Bad 0 (radio button),Avg 0(radio button)
Based on this survey i need to plot a chart.
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Posted Tuesday, March 5, 2013 5:18 PM



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SSRS is designed for reporting (read-only), not for data input. If you want to make a survey, a basic webpage that writes to a database using .NET or javascript is probably your best option. There are probably simple programs that will make forms like that for you too. Web based tools like surveymonkey will do that too although only in the paid version. Those tools might provide a csv output you can import into a database.

Once the data is in a database then reporting on it is quite easy. Create a report, connect to the database, write a SQL query to retrieve the data, add a chart object to the report and modify it's formatting settings. You would need to do a fair amount of reading on reporting services to be confident but the visual studio based tools for creating reports ( or even the Report Builder application) are suprisingly easy to use. Usually the most complicated part is writing good queries.

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