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Attach database using sp_attach_single_file_db Expand / Collapse
Posted Wednesday, February 20, 2013 2:17 PM



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Lets say I have an .mdf but no corresponding .ldf for a correctly detached database. Now I want to reattach it, but set the log file size and auto-growth rate at the onset.

While using the stored procedure sp_attach_single_file_db, I would like to specify the Initial Size as well as the AuAuto-growtho that I don't have to run a second script to Alter Database Modify File ...

Is there a way to combine the two into one? Or, should I be using the stored procedure sp_attach_db and in the @filename2 parameter add the SIZE = xxxx, FILEGROWTH = xxxx to the end somehow?

Any suggestions are always appreciated.

Chris Powell

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