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Posted Monday, January 28, 2013 2:17 PM



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djackson 22568 (1/28/2013)
Revenant (1/28/2013)
djackson 22568 (1/28/2013)
Revenant (1/28/2013)
djackson 22568 (1/28/2013)
... Windows 8 has ads embedded in the start page, why would I buy an OS that forces me to see their ads? . . .

Where did you buy it? Did it come on a new machine?

I would bet those ads were put there by an OEM - certainly not by MSFT.

What I have read is that it is embedded in the OS, and is put there by MS. Google "Windows 8 ads on desktop" and you will see a huge number of articles that discuss this, many of which indicate it was enabled by Microsoft and their own metro apps have ads.

There were enough articles about this that I returned a copy I had purchased with the intent to run it using Parallels on my MacBook Pro. Not sure why I even considered doing something so stupid anyhow.

Oh my. However, this is not happening with my Win8 Pro, that's why I suspected OEMs.

However, this gets us form the 32/64 bit discussion; sorry.

Well, sort of. However I believe Windows 8 is all 64bit, no 32bit. Assuming I am correct, and assuming that implementation of it is slower than MS anticipated, that affects the transition to 64bit on the desktop. Windows 7 is available in both flavors, and while I run 64bit there, most of the installs I am around are 32bit. Of course this won't affect server side implementations.

For your copy of Windows 8, do you use whatever the "metro apps" are, because they are also supposed to have ads.

Probably not - I use my machine as a dev platform and from the standard apps I use only the media player, I think.
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Posted Sunday, February 24, 2013 10:58 PM



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Bit late to the party but my 2c worth.

Decided to go full 64 bit with SQL Server 2008 R2, Server R2 & Windows 7 64 bit.

I had trouble with Office 2010 64 bit & An Excel add-in from IBM. IBM didn't have a 64-Bit solution but there was a work-around.

I had one SSIS Package that used a 32-Bit ODBC Driver. Worked out that SSIS would run in 32-Bit Mode.

Results: SQL Server & Desktop run faster and very reliable.

I'd run Windows 8 but don't think I can find a Business Reason yet as I did for Windows 7 / Office 2010 & PowerPivot.

Newer is usually better. Only real disappointments were Vista, Windows 98 SE & Windows ME.

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