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splitting table data into columns and xml in another table Expand / Collapse
Posted Wednesday, October 3, 2012 5:07 AM
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I have a table in the below format ,
Create TABLE tab1
UniqueID VARCHAR(3),
Name VARCHAR(25),
Latitude FLOAT,
Longitude FLOAT

INSERT INTO tab1 VALUES ('ABC', 1, 'LPR', 1.234, 2.345)
INSERT INTO tab1 VALUES ('ABC', 2, 'LPR', 2.234, 3.345)
INSERT INTO tab1 VALUES ('ABC', 3, 'LPR', 3.234, 4.345)
INSERT INTO tab1 VALUES ('ABC', 4, 'LPR', 4.234, 5.345)

UniqueID ID Name Latitude Longitude
ABC 1 LPR 1.234 2.345
ABC 2 LPR 2.234 3.345
ABC 3 LPR 3.234 4.345
ABC 4 LPR 4.234 5.345

I want the results in below format ( first three columns is same, but last two columns in XML format)

UniqueID ID Data Metadata
ABC 1 LPR <Metadata><Latitude>1.234000000000000e+000</Latitude><Longitude>2.345000000000000e+000</Longitude></Metadata>
ABC 2 LPR <Metadata><Latitude>2.234000000000000e+000</Latitude><Longitude>3.345000000000000e+000</Longitude></Metadata>
ABC 3 LPR <Metadata><Latitude>3.234000000000000e+000</Latitude><Longitude>4.345000000000000e+000</Longitude></Metadata>
ABC 4 LPR <Metadata><Latitude>4.234000000000000e+000</Latitude><Longitude>5.345000000000000e+000</Longitude></Metadata>

CAn any body help me out?
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Posted Wednesday, October 3, 2012 5:16 AM



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SELECT UniqueID,ID,Name,
(SELECT Latitude,
FOR XML PATH('Metadata'),TYPE) AS Metadata
FROM tab1;


How to get the best help on a forum

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