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Initiator to Target on same box when a binding is present Expand / Collapse
Posted Wednesday, January 4, 2012 7:33 AM
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Hi all
I have set up a service broker Initiator to Target service on two machines.
Both queues send messages fine on there own machines.

I then set up binding and routes using a user created from a certificate to send messages from an initiator on one box to target on another.

This works fine but now messages sent to the local target just sit in the transmission queue.

Looking closer at a trace of the messages the errors are as follows.

Audit Broker Conversation 24 8 262496 2 - No Certificate 1 0X01 2012-01-04 13:03:50.703 The certificate's private key cannot be found 9924210 0 81e8d523-7925-4ac1-8fc2-f1320688406e Initiator AD 35 1E B7 D0 C9 CE 96 4E CB 30 D8 9C C8 F7 99 0 0 0 Root Agency 0 0
Broker:Message Undeliverable 24 8 262497 1 - Sequenced Message 1 0X01 2012-01-04 13:03:50.703 This message could not be delivered because the security context could not be retrieved. 9924210 11229 81e8d523-7925-4ac1-8fc2-f1320688406e 3097A791-A2A2-408C-B9FD-120BC3960731 //Logging/Sync/Msg Initiator //Logging/Sync/Con //Logging/Sync/Out/Ser 16 1 sa

Also i noticed on on this site

the folowing statement

However, if a remote service binding is present where the service_name specified for TO SERVICE matches the name of the local service, Service Broker will use the binding

Does anyone know how i can set up a seperate binding or seperate route so that i can send locally to a service the same name as one on a remote box with a binding in place already.

I can provide more information if nessecary.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.
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