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Comparison of Business Intelligence Strategies between SQL and Oracle Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, May 22, 2003 10:30 AM


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Hey David, I guess most of us are SQL fans? I took a look at the article, I'd guess most of it is right, I see a few things I disagree with. Worth discussing another day perhaps.

Seems to me that it most cases the BI platform is going to be based on the existing db platform you already have. I work in a MS only environment, even if Oracle BI was SUPERB - it would be hard to pick - we'd have to find an Oracle pro, go through the learning pains, etc. The alternative is to buy a product like Cognos that can use whatever you have in place.


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Posted Tuesday, May 18, 2004 2:38 AM
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I think that the issue of third party front end tools is practically irrelevant because all the major BI Tools out there are platform independant nowadays. I accept that Microsoft and Oracle have their own tools, but I have always found that companies specialising in BI tools do a better job and offer more functionailty.

I have used business objects on sql server and oracle to report from a datawarehouse and there is little difference between the two.

I think the real issue is:

1. Getting the data into a warehouse easily, robustly and quickly
2. The speed of query performance.

I wonder if anyone out there has compared a typical data warehouse in both Microsoft and Oracle in terms of these two requirements.

Personally I have found sql server better than oracle 8.17, mainly because oracle did not always use the right execution plan often performing full table scans where indexes were prevalent. I found I need to give hints in Oracle that I have not needed to in sql server. Incidentally, this was raised as a TAR to oracle by a dba to no avail. I also find sql server analysis services far easier to use when putting together olap solutions.

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