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Posted Monday, March 17, 2003 9:01 PM
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Anyone have the stones to publish some benchmarks on these:
I mean REAL marks, NOT TPC-D-W- 100,000 user fantasy benches
MS SQL 2000- forget 7
MySql 3/4
Pervasive 7+
Foxpro 6/7/8 (thats right VFP is faster than Oracle 8i)
Access 2000+ - [mudslow]
Sybase ASE 12+
Sybase ASA 8

Thanks User Community

PC User from Elbonia comes to America:

"We are excited to come to uhmereeka!!"

__Really, why?

"We want to check out your uhmericun databases"

__Really, why?

"All we have is Open Source in Elbonia"

__Yes, we know. Im Sorry. Can we buy you an economy?

"We are elbonians and need your uhmereekan no-how"

__Well, how can we help?

"Can you tell me which vendoors database is the queekest?"

__UM, no, I cant really

"Why is dat?" (DDS-DAT?$%#)

___Because, actually, we can. But Im not supposed to....

"To what?"

__Well, im not supposed to admit that we do run 10 different OSes and __15 different databases in the I.T. department.
__That was supposedly the "curse of the '80s"

"Does that mean you ahmereekans dont know?"

__ Umm, uh, let me check with our lawyers about that.

"Lawyurs? I thought you were the I.T. guys"

__Really, why?

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Posted Thursday, March 20, 2003 8:00 AM


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No one has responded to this topic yet. Even if you don't have a complete answer, the original poster will appreciate any thoughts you have!
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Posted Thursday, April 17, 2003 1:20 AM
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hey bytehd, I did a benchmark earlier this month for one of the microsoft newsgroups. While it is not the best benchmark for a number of reasons mainly because of the very simple query, it gives you an idea of the differences of mysql and mssql. You can also find a MSSQL,MySQL,Oracle,Access benchmark

Here is my benchmark

P4 1.4ghz
128 RAM
SQL Server Ent. Eval.
MySQL v3.23.55

Database: Test
Table: Temp
Column: Col001 char(32) NOT NULL
No Indexes on either

4 Million records
334 MB after shrink

DB Size (MySQL)
8 million records
251 MB

Command Line = 0.18 sec
ODBC Connection w/ASP = 3.0 sec
*Note* The 3 seconds was only the first query, after that the time was less
than a second

Query Analyzer = 10.0 sec (after 2 previous queries, first was 13 sec)
OLEDB Connection w/ASP = 13.0 sec

My Benchmark, unfortunately I did not record the time it took to load the
records into the database, but the load time for sql server was about 4
times slower. The records were created by using a for loop to make a list
of 100,000 numbers hashed with the md5 algorithm, so 100,000 32 character
strings. They were then loaded into each database server from the text file
by using the importing features that come with each database server. Each
query was run 3 times to eliminate some lag. When run in asp time difference
was determined only by using Now() not by using a timer function so time is
only expressed in whole seconds for asp, not 10ths or 100ths of a second.
Both database servers were fresh installs installed just to test this so no
tuning was done to either which also makes the times a little slower.

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