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The API Battle

I think Oracle is a fine database platform, maybe too expensive, but it works. However, I'm not a fan of the company, and I find myself less enamored with them when I read about this case. This the Oracle v Google case, where Google is accused of violating copyright of Java APIs when it build Android.

Essentially Oracle claims that the Java API, the packages, classes, methods, etc. are copyrighted and cannot be used in any other product. I assume this means that if I implemented the Java.SQL class, writing the code in C#, I'd be infringing on Oracle's work.

Even if I offered my software for free, this could be legal violation and I'd owe Oracle money. Or I'd need to license the API from Oracle. Any guesses on whether that would be inexpensive or prohibitive?

In one sense, I do think that copyright and patent protection should exist. On the other hand, I think some of the applications of the original laws and ideas to the digital world don't translate well. I certainly think that APIs shouldn't be protected. These are essentially function names, and while I appreciate the need to copyright words, I don't think it should go this far.

I am hopeful that the Supreme Court will hear this case, and rule that this isn't a violation. As someone that works for a software company, and has written software designed to inter-operate with other products, I think this would cause lots of chaos in our industry. I also think we have enough silly licensing and limiting practices in software, and I'd prefer to see less, not more.

Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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Vendors/3rd Party Products

Welcome to Redgate Deploy and Cross-platform Database DevOps

Until now, organizations wanting to introduce database DevOps have had to rely on – and purchase – different tools and solutions for different databases. A new cross-platform database DevOps solution, Redgate Deploy, changes the rules. Find out why in this latest blog post.

AI/Machine Learning/Cognitive Services

Waymo finally launches an actual public, driverless taxi service

Fully driverless technology is real, and now you c...

A GPT-3 bot posted comments on Reddit for a week and no one noticed

Busted: A bot powered by OpenAI’s powerful GPT-3 language model has been unmasked after a week of posting comments on Reddit. Under the username /u/thegentlemetre, the bot was interacting...

AI and Creativity

The release of GPT-3 has reinvigorated a discussion of creativity and artificial intelligence. That’s a good discussion to have, primarily because it forces us to think carefully about what...


ALTER Procedures When Using Query Store

When I talk about Plan Forcing I always discuss how users should ALTER procedures when using Query Store, and not use DROP and CREATE. This is valid beyond Plan...

Checking your dumps!!!

No, No, not those dumps:  SQL Server Memory dumps...

Read the error message

This post is brought to you — indirectly — from a boss I loved working for, on a project which almost killed me, at a company which I had... The...

What Is the SQL Server CEIP Service?

The CEIP Service is the Customer Experience Improvement Program that sends telemetry data back to Microsoft. When you install Microsoft SQL Server, the CEIP Service is installed too. You...

ODBC date/time Extension Option in SQL Server

Words: 329 Time to read: ~ 2 minutes At this stage of my career with Transact-SQL, I would like to think that I have the language mostly mapped. If...

Storage 101: Monitoring storage metrics

Well tuned storage is essential for SQL Server performance. In this article, Robert Sheldon explains the metrics that are important to watch. … The post Storage 101: Monitoring storage metrics...

Poor Man’s Resource Governor: Database-Scoped Configurations

Let’s say you had report queries that were going wildly parallel, and you wanted to put a stop to it, but you couldn’t afford SQL Server Enterprise Edition. You...

Analysis Services / BI on the MS Stack

View Native Query Now Works For Analysis Services Data Sources

If you’re familiar with the topic of query foldi...

Azure CosmosDB

Serverless Azure Cosmos DB

     There used to be two ways for Azure Cosmos DB to bill you for the services it provides. Those were Manual Provisioned throughput and Auto scale provisioned...

Azure Databricks, Spark and Snowflake

Diving Into Delta Lake: DML Internals (Update, Delete, Merge)

Delta Lake supports DML (data manipulation language) commands including `DELETE`, `UPDATE`, and `MERGE`. These commands simplify change data capture (CDC), audit and governance, and GDPR/CCPA workflows, among others. In this post, we will demonstrate how to use each of these DML commands, describe what Delta Lake is doing behind the scenes when you run one, and offer some performance tuning tips for each one.

Azure Databricks Overview

I have spent many long weekends getting stuck into Azure Databricks, plenty of time to understand the core functionality from mounting storage, streaming data, knowing the delta lake and... The...

Azure SQL Database

Building a Data as a Service Platform on Azure SQL Database

One of the benefits of cloud computing is flexibility and scale—I don’t need to procure hardware or licenses as you get new customers. This flexibility and platform as a...

Azure SQL Managed Instance

How do I set up database mail for Azure SQL DB Managed Instance

It’s not too difficult to set up database mail for Azure SQL DB Managed Instance in comparison to SQL Server (on-prem or IaaS) however there are a few extra things to consider. This post will describe how to set up database mail for Azure SQL DB Managed Instance. I will use Sendgrid as the mail provider but you can follow the same steps for any other mail provider or your company’s smtp server.

Azure Synapse (SQL Data Warehouse and Data Lake)

Azure Synapse Analytics : Optimize for Distributions (Dedicated SQL Pools)

The dedicated SQL pools in Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly, Azure SQL Data Warehouse) outperforms compared with other analytics database, such as, BigQuery, Redshift, and Snowflake in 3rd party’s benchmarking for Test-H and Test-DS* (see here).

Career Growth and Certifications

Assuming Good Intentions

With all the stuff going on around the world over the last year, maintaining some degree of mental stability can be quite a challenge. Speaking only for myself, while... The...

Getting Your Employer to Pay for the PASS Summit

It’s just over 30 days to the 2020 PASS Summit a...

Conferences, Classes, Events, and Webinars

We’re holding an online IT roundtable on October 15, and you should come

Our topic will be “Finding certainty in IT when the world is uncertain.”

The SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video Training

Welcome to the SQLServerFast Execution Plan Video ...

SQLBits 2020 – My Review & Thoughts

Like so many events SQLBits 2020 was delivered from our homes… Training sessions and content delivered via webcam and recordings. Catching up with friends done via chat rooms and...

What’s new in Flyway 7.0

Flyway version 7.0 has just been released, and with it comes brand new features that enhance deployment flexibility. Version 7.0 also introduces Flyway Teams, which combines the Pro and Enterprise editions into one comprehensive offering. Join us on October 14th to find out more.

Bringing Data Catalog into your CI/CD Pipeline

As business rules shift and data structures change, organizations need to be able to maintain and update their data catalog. Discover how you can implement an automated solution using PowerShell and Redgate’s SQL Change Automation.

Data Privacy, Compliance, and GDPR

What’s the Difference Between a Data Breach and Identity Theft?

Click to learn more about author Ben Hartwig. The most revolutionary contributions to the modern world have been made by technology. Today, we cannot imagine a world without digitization...

Data Visualisation

member spotlight: Simon Rowe


Database Design, Theory and Development

Multi-Tenancy with SQL Server, Part 3: Adapting to Change

So far in my "Multi-Tenancy with SQL Server" series, I've covered an introduction to multi-tenancy and approaches for implementing it with SQL Server. In an ideal world, we have a blank canvas to start from and a crystal ball to see into the future. We know everything about the system we're building, how many tenants we're going to have, what their data/access usage patterns look like, and there are no unforeseen changes to that information

DevOps and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

What is database continuous integration?

Have you ever longed for a way of making the delivery of databases more visible, predictable and measurable? Do you ever wish that they would be of better...

How to Avoid Rollbacks in Database DevOps

"Rollbacks" are easily the most controversial topic in database DevOps. In this post, I share why there's no simple solution to the problem of rollbacks -- but how you...

Git anatomy

In this article, Dino Esposito gives an overview of git explaining repository, commit, and branch.… The post Git anatomy appeared first on Simple Talk.

ETL/SSIS/Azure Data Factory/Biml

How to Promote SSIS Code in the Enterprise Lifecycle

I’ve written about Data Integration Lifecycle Management (DILM) tiers. To summarize, every enterprise needs at least four lifecycle management tiers: 1. Development – an environment in which developers have...

Solving Configuration Errors with ADF Self-hosted IR

You’ve set up the Azure Data Factory self-hosted integration runtime to access on-prem data sources. You create a linked server, click Test Connection, and then get greeted with an error saying the security context can’t be passed

Row Numbers in Azure Data Factory Data Flows

(2020-Oct-05) Adding a row number to your dataset...

Exporting Environment Variables out of the SSIS Catalog

Sometimes when you’ve created a SSIS catalog, along with folders, environments and environment variables, you want this content on another server. Unfortunately, you can only script out these objects... The...

HA/DR/Always On/Clustering

Last-minute requests reportedly crush Florida voter registration site

Florida voters have until 7pm on Tuesday to regist...

Predictive Maintenance - Why Fix a Failure When You Can Prevent It?

Preventing a catastrophic system failure before it happens -- what may sound like the plot line of a blockbuster action movie; is actually one of the most common and...

Multi-subnet availability group, without MultiSubnetFailover support (Part 1)

As a DBA, we have the opportunity & responsibi...


Western Digital Launches New WD Black NVMe SSDs And Thunderbolt Dock

Today Western Digital is announcing a major expansion of their WD Black family of gaming-oriented storage products. In a digital event later today on Twitch, Western Digital will introduce...

AMD’s new Zen 3 Ryzen desktop CPUs arrive November 5

AMD isn't letting up the pressure on Intel—Ryzen 9 5900X looks like a barn burner.

Marvell and HPE Introduce NVMe RAID Adapter for Server Boot Drives

In 2018 Marvell announced the 88NR2241 Intelligent NVMe Switch: the first—and so far, only—NVMe hardware RAID controller of its kind. Now that chip has scored its first major (public)...

Dell updates its UltraSharp monitor lineup: USB-C, mini-LED backlighting, and more

Most of them are office productivity models, but the UP3221Q is a beast.

Insights into DDR5 Sub-timings and Latencies

Today we posted a news article about SK hynix’s new DDR5 memory modules for customers – 64 GB registered modules running at DDR5-4800, aimed at the preview systems that...


Using DAX to calculate Cumulative Target amount split into individual months

I had a requirement to take the overall target amount and split it for each month. But also, for it to be cumulative for each month going forward

Performance Tuning SQL Server

Why Microsoft Should Get Rid Of The Plan Cache And Use Query Store Instead

Used To Love Her I used to think the plan cache w...

When Do SQL Server Sorts Rewind?

Paul White explains when a SQL Server sort operator inside a loop rewinds (replays) cached results to avoid re-executing plan operators. The post When Do SQL Server Sorts Rewind? appeared...



This blog post is part of my “Automating Power BI deployments” series, and you can find a list of the other posts here.

How do you conditionally highlight a bar in a Power BI Report?

There are different interactions Power BI visuals ...

Power Query (M) – Passing Parameters dynamically to a SQL Server Query

I had a requirement where the client wanted the ca...

Install community tools with dbatools

Roses are red,Violets are blue,Community loves dba...

Visualize Graph Data in Power BI

Have you wondered how to visualize graph data? No,...

Creating a service principal account for Power BI API

This article and its companion video describe how to create a service principal account to be used with the Power BI API. The reader must already be familiar with...

Tooltip in Power BI Desktop.

Today I have learned how I can use and change the ...

Introduction to DAX Financial Functions – Part 1

Business Intelligence Architect, Analysis Services Maestro, and author Bill Pearson kicks off a series to introduce the DAX financial functions. In this article, he exposes five functions that are popular in the calculation of loans and other annuities. Those accustomed to these functions within Excel will find the syntax, uses and operation of the functions familiar within the Power BI environment.

Azure Data Factory Pipelines: Filling in the gaps

Azure Data Factory is a cloud based data orchestration tool that many ETL developers began using instead of SSIS. In this article, Rodney Landrum recalls a Data Factory project where he had to depend on another service, Azure Logic Apps, to fill in for some lacking functionality.

Product Reviews and Articles

SSIS Catalog Browser Live Demo

I am delivering more and more live streaming sessi...

Creating a SQL Code Snippet in SQL Prompt and SSMS

Phil Factor's "getting started" guide for turning all your trusted and most frequently used queries into SQL code snippets. The post Creating a SQL Code Snippet in SQL Prompt and...

Questions about SQL Prompt you were too shy to ask

Phil Factor answers some questions you've been itching to ask about SQL Prompt, covering ranked code completion suggestions and auto-fixing SQL code smells, and suggesting where in the tool...

Product Upgrades and Releases

SSIS 2019 Extension v3.10 for Visual Studio 2019 Released

The Microsoft Azure-SSIS team released version 3.1...

SQL Server Security and Auditing

DBA in training: Security

Securing data is not always easy to do, but it should be the top responsibility for database administrators. From protecting the physical servers to preventing copies of backups files...

Security News and Issues

Apple pays $288,000 to white-hat hackers who had run of company’s network

Hacker team led by 20-year-old finds 55 vulnerabilities, 11 of them critical.

Software Development

The unreasonable effectiveness of the Julia programming language

Fortran has ruled scientific computing, but Julia ...


Please Use Block Quotes For Code Comments In Your T-SQL

Options! When you’re writing code, you have some options when it comes to leaving comments: Double dashes at the start of a line: -- Comment! Block quotes around a section of text:...

Dynamic Data Unmasking

The SQL Server 2016 dynamic data masking feature may seem like a great way to obfuscate data for downstream systems like dev and QA. Joe Obbish shows us that the data can be “unmasked” with T-SQL statements, so it’s not secure against anyone who can write their own queries.

Tech News

Sixty Coinbase employees take buyout offer over “no politics” rule

“Life is too short to work at a company that you...

The Supreme Court hears Oracle v. Google tomorrow—here’s what’s at stake

The Supreme Court could decide whether APIs can be...

IBM to split into two companies by end of 2021

As-yet unnamed “NewCo” will handle IBM’s “managed infrastructure services.”

The Lighter Side

How to use a Raspberry Pi 4 as a Minecraft Java Server

My 14 year old got tired of paying $7.99 for Minec...

Meet the XB-1: A prototype for a modern supersonic passenger jet

“It's like our Falcon 1 rocket.”

SpaceX gets back on track with a stunning Starlink launch near sunrise

SpaceX has now launched 775 total Starlink satellites.

Tools for Development

How to use, open, resize, and split Panes in the Windows Terminal

My love and appreciate for the new open-source Win...

Publish Database Fails – Script File could not be found

A small blog post for anyone who stumbles across this issue (and for my future self, should I forget the solution). I was working on some tables in SSDT... The...

Virtualization and Containers/Kubernetes

Stop and Start your AKS Big Data Cluster and Save $$$

I remember when I first started deploying Big Data Clusters, they were on Azure Kubernetes Service utilizing the $200 credit for first time sign ups. By the time I got around to figuring out how to deploy the BDC, not only was my $200 credit gone, but I started to incur cost out of pocket.

Pgadmin Environment Variables

I’ve had to do some work on PostgreSQL, and I wrote an article at SQLServerCentral about getting started. Once I had things working, and could connect from Azure Data... The...

Checking the pulse of Kubernetes

In this article, Michael Sorens describes the many ways that you can monitor Kubernetes.… The post Checking the pulse of Kubernetes appeared first on Simple Talk.

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