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Daily Coping Tip

If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it

I also have a thread at SQLServerCentral dealing with coping mechanisms and resources. Feel free to participate.

For many of you out there working in a new way, I'm including a thought of the day on how to cope in this challenging time from The Action for Happiness Coping Calendar. My items will be on my blog, feel free to share yours.

Follow Wheaton's Law

I've tried to live my life as someone that treats others well, respects them, and cheers for them to succeed. Even before I heard it, I think I was unconsciously following Wheaton's Law (apologies for the slightly off color language).
I think about this often in my life, as a minority in most places I go for work or in society. I've had a lot of success, I'm intelligent, am comfortable talking with people, and many things go my way. At the same time, I'm not any better than anyone else. I try to say hi to the facilities staff at Redgate in the same way I do with my fellow advocates. I may sit and chat with our cooks or cleaning staff just as I might take a moment to chat with a developer.
With the dramatic changes brought about in our world by the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been thinking about the way that many people are interacting with those who work in much of the public world. Especially service workers, who these days may be deemed essential and are often the contact we have with lots of businesses, as cashiers, delivery people, and more.
This article upset me. Many people that have the least power, the depend on their jobs the most, with few other options, are often treated poorly by the people they encounter. I've seen poor behavior in the past in many situations, but the current pandemic and the push back against wearing masks has made things worse.
The entry level workers, those making low wages and doing many of the service jobs in our world, don't deserve to be poorly treated because you don't like the policy of some business. This certainly includes people doing manual work in our offices, acting as assistants, or some other non technical job. Treat other people well, as you'd want to be treated if someone didn't like the way you were instructed to do your job.

Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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  Question of the Day

Today's question (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor):


The I in ACID

What does the I in ACID stand for when related to relational databases?

Think you know the answer? Click here, and find out if you are right.



  Yesterday's Question of the Day (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor)

The Binary Cast

What happens when I run this code?


Answer: "Msg 8114, Level 16, State 5, Line 10 Error converting data type varbinary to numeric." is returned

Explanation: This returns a conversion error as the scalar binary value is likely (guessing here) the wrong size to convert back to a numeric. It converts fine to an int. Any other explanation is welcome. Ref:

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SQL Server 2017 - Development
How to performance tune ssis pkg when dev environment isnt as good as prod - Hey everyone, my dev envoronnebt has 56 GB of memory and 4 virtual processors with a speed of 2.29 GHz. My prod environment has 163 GB of memory and has 8 virtual processors at 2.29 GHz. I can update pkgs on my dev environment to run multiple data flows using Modulo and that pkg runs […]
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What Should be...? - Dear friends, Using Always On in our corporate site, we have 3 nodes deployed, our main database backup is based on images of that virtual  machines, but constantly I have databases requesting transaction log backups, what role should have a normal backup of transaction log files vs virtual machines images backup, our management team has […]
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How to grant only read(Select) permissions to the Group of Users - I have a business requirement where Business Users are all available in Group "TradingBusinessUsers" , Now i want to grant select permissions to all tables for the users in the group "TradingBusinessUsers"  and also users are allowed to create table on their own Self-schema and manage their tables. Can anyone help me to solve this […]
Is it possible to display Date in between in cube without multiplying the Data? - Ahoi, I have to display "discount" as a measure in my Cube. The basic structure is: DateFrom DateUntill DiscountMeasure   The request is: Have a Date and display the DiscountMeasure. My question is: Is there a better way to solve this than creating a dataset for each day between DateFrom and DateUntill? I was hoping […]
SQL Server 2012 - T-SQL
Need help formatting BCP output - Hello, I have a bcp script that generates stored procedure code output as shown below. bcp "select RTRIM(LTRIM(c.text)) FROM sys.objects AS o INNER JOIN sys.syscomments AS c ON o.object_id = WHERE o.type = 'P' AND = 'sp_ic9av0_dx_length'" queryout "\\dbserver1\j$\Backup\NG Sps\sp_ic9av0_dx_length.sql" -t -c -r "\t" -SServer1 -T -dMyDb There is a formatting issue in […]
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Update - I have a Use case like. We migrated around 1000 millions of rows into around 5-6 tables. client requirement frequently change to update some columns. Is there any best way to Update those tables other then Batch/looping updates. We tried disabling all the index but still it's taking too much time. Even we have 5-8 […]
Page File. Set Value, or let Windows Manage it ? - I friend at another company said they got an out of memory error on their Production SQL server. It has 24 Gig of RAM and a 4 Gig page file. Their hosting company said they can increase the page file to a set value, or let Windows manage it. If Windows manages it, is there […]
SQL Server Hardware Recommendation - Hi,   I'm looking for a recommended Hardware Spec to run SQL Server 2019 Enterprise on. Our software vendor has suggested the below, but was looking for other people's thoughts. Our Database is currently sitting on a SQL2000 database - it's around 300GB in size and is accessed by around 90 people at a time. […]
SQL Server 2019 - Development
Change color scheme for Admin account in SSMS - I was reading one of Brent Ozar's posts about SSMS, and he was talking about "never use the sa/admin account unless you need to", so I was wondering if there is a way (I know there is) to change the background color or the color of the window for just the SA/admin account, so I […]
DateDiff for only @p_start_date and @p_enddate - So I am trying to get the datediff for parameters selected, even though the 2 dates could span 60 days, for an example I have 2 dates available(2018-01-05 11:08:00) and unavailable (2017-10-30 05:05:00) I only want the datediff where @p_start_date = 2017-12-01 and @p_end_date = 2017-12-31 those are the selected parameters.
Integration Services
Access Files Stored in - Has anyone created an SSIS package which grabs data from one or more files stored on I would be interested in hearing how you got on. Did you get the Box API working from a script task? Any issues adding DLLs to the GAC?


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