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A Little Paranoia is Good

I read a lot of history and current events in addition to constantly trying to learn more about databases, data management, compliance, and DevOps. When you combine all these, it might tend to make you just a little bit paranoid.

See, an experienced DBA will tell you that things can go wrong, almost at random. A history nerd will tell you that, well, it may appear random at the time, but if you examine the path that things took, there were plenty of warnings. Whereas, the compliance person will begin to shout about stuff going wrong the whole time. The current events wonk will just be desperately trying to figure out how to avoid the bad outcomes while simultaneously preparing for the bad outcomes.

The DevOps nerd is just off on the side automating all the things!

Seriously though, the more I read about SQL Injection, data privacy, compliance, and our ever-growing data estate, I do get more paranoid about it all. I mean, in the real world, the family and I have a go-bag with just the basics for three days out of the house (see the time a Massachusetts neighborhood exploded). I keep a jumper battery in each of our vehicles because I spent two hours trying to find someone to give me a jump with cables once. Along with the jumper cables, I keep a first aid kit with the “big bandages,” a blanket, poncho and gloves. Emergencies seldom happen in good weather for some reason, and I’ve come up on more accidents with people wandering out on the street than I can count. Heck, I even travel with a little first aid kit with Band-Aids ™ instead of the big bandages. Since I live in the woods and power does go out occasionally, I have a flashlight in every room, every bag, and multiple ones in the vehicles.  (Funny how often I’m the only one pulling out a light at events). Even part of why I decided to learn Ham radio was to have emergency communications when the cell towers are down.

I tend more and more to treat data the same way. I used to think one backup was good. Then it was one tested backup (and the single best test is a restore). But now I know I need additional backups in multiple locations. We need more protection on the data, not less. We need better monitoring to catch SQL Injection because the developers just aren’t going to be allowed to fix the problem. We must have methods in place to protect our production data, not only from hacking, but from accidental access. The single largest problem we may face going forward is compliance violation.

Meanwhile, automate all the things!

Now, I may be crazy, but it doesn’t mean that THEY aren’t out to get my data.

Grant Fritchey

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Redgate Data Masker
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Vendors/3rd Party Products

Cloning all the Databases on a Server

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Monitoring your Servers and Databases with New Relic Infrastructure and SQL Monitor

New Relic Infrastructure is a capable server monitoring tool but adding Integrations provides only 'bare bones' monitoring for SQL Server. Grant Fritchey argues that to "instrument" a complex system such as SQL Server, effectively, you also need a tool that is built specifically for this purpose.

The Need for a Data Catalog

In the event of a breach of personal data, any organization must produce proof that they understand what data they hold and where, and how it is being used, and that they have enforced the required standards for access control and security. To make all this possible, it is essential to build a complete model of the data and its lineage, and a data catalog is the first step in this process.

Quickly Find and Mask Sensitive Data with Data Masker 6.3.1

Khie Biggs, a software developer on the Data Masker team at Redgate, explains how a recent set of Data Masker improvements should make it significantly easier and faster both to determine what data needs to be masked, and then to apply the masking, to protect sensitive and personal data in the tables and columns of your SQL Server databases.

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Common Things Admins Miss in Azure SQL DB

This is by no means a complete list but more of a personal list of features I have seen not setup or just missed out when looking at Azure SQL DB. After reading, not only will I hope that you agree but it may provoke you to double check your setups.

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Everything You Need to Know About Azure Infrastructure – December 2019 Edition

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Extend DevOps to Your SQL Server Databases

Free Webinar Tuesday January 21 3-4 PM Central / 8-9 AM AEDT - Your business depends on rapidly deploying high-quality changes to databases while minimizing risk to data. Join Microsoft MVP Grant Fritchey to learn how to protect business-critical data and improve software delivery with Redgate’s Compliant Database DevOps solution for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database.

My SQL Saturday Chicago Precon: Leveling Up Your Azure Skills

I’m doing another precon at SQL Saturday Chicago on March 20th, 2020. The event is at Benedictine University in Lisle, IL. This time we’re going to dive a little bit deeper into Azure.


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DevOps for databases: “DataOps”

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ETL/SSIS/Azure Data Factory/Biml

Free Webinar: Using Parameters in Azure Data Factory – 15 Jan 2020

Join Microsoft Data Platform MVP Andy Leonard for Using Parameters in Azure Data Factory 15 Jan 2020 at 12:00 PM EST! Azure Data Factory (ADF) uses parameters to extend...

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Product Upgrades and Releases

New release: SQL Change Automation 4.1

Redgate have heard from users that they really care about static data and were missing the feature in the SQL Change Automation SSMS plugin. In v4.1, they have added support for the tracking of static data tables to the SSMS extension, alongside existing support in the VS extension. Maya Malakova has written a technical summary showing how to use this feature. Learn more about the release here.

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Epic Life Quest – 2020 Update

I started keeping a written record on bigger goals...

The 2020 Data Professional Salary Survey Results Are In.

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Delegated Authentication with Managed Service Accounts

Delegated authentication (or double-hop authentication as it’s sometimes called) is a common requirement with SQL servers that are using Kerberos…

Let’s Talk About Ransomware (Again)

I’ve posted about ransomware a few times before. At DCAC, we’ve worked with a few customers who’ve fortunately been able to help them recover from their attacks. But ransomware...

Security News and Issues

Researchers unearth malicious Google Play apps linked to active exploit hackers

Apps used a variety of tricks to covertly install ...


T-SQL Basics: using OUTPUT

You are working on a database development project, and you need to obtain the records before/after an INSERT, DELETE, UPGRADE or MERGE Statement to present it to the user or do any work with that data.

SQL: Retrieve the results of executing a stored procedure in T-SQL

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How modern tech has powered our favorite superheroes through the years

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Virtualization and Containers/Kubernetes

How to update a SQL Server container on Docker for Windows (spoiler – there is a catch)

With the 1st CU for SQL 2019 released just yesterday, and Microsoft updating the docker image right away, the only natural response for me was to update the docker instance that I showed you how to deploy a few months back.

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