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Losing The Security Game

It's sad some weeks to see reports of security issues at large companies. It's also discouraging some times when clients or friends will talk about security issues they've had in their organization. What's mostly disappointing is how easy many of these issues would have been to prevent with a little effort.

Joey D'Antoni made some fun of this with his Data Breach Game. It's a bingo card you can print out and use the next time you hear about an issue. My guess is most of us could win this in about a week with the general state of security in most places. Some of you might win this in a day with inside knowledge.

This is poking a little fun at the poor security practices of many places. There's a wider article about 9 poor security practices you can read, with some notes about what you should be doing instead. When you read it, you'll wonder why hasn't someone just made these simple changes and dramatically improved security? I have asked myself that many times when I've seen some environments.

Ultimately, no one wants bad security, but we (as a group) often make poor choices because we're in a hurry. We can, and should to better. All of the items on this list can be avoided, and should be. Even the complexities of SQL Injection can be fixed with a little code refactoring. No time or that's too hard? You should be building software in a Compliant Database DevOps manner.

I like the list, though I wish ElasticSearch where on there in number 6 with MongoDB. Too many breaches this year from people dropping that server on their network without a password because they need full text searching of data. Don't make that mistake. Always, always, always set a password on data resources. Developer or partner complaints aren't worth the risk of losing data from an unsecured server.

Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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Redgate University
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  Question of the Day

Today's question (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor):


Backing up SSAS Databases

I have an SQL Server 2017 Analysis Services (SSAS) database that I wish to back up. To speed things up, I'd like to stripe the backup across multiple files. Is this allowed?

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  Yesterday's Question of the Day (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor)

Stopping a Container

I have a SQL Server 2017 container (named sqltest) that was created with the docker run command. I connect to the container and add a login. I then run this:

docker stop sqltest

That afternoon, I come back to my workstation and run

docker start sqltest

Which of these describes the status of my login?

Answer: The login is still there

Explanation: Pausing or stopping the container does not kill or remove it. The login is still there when the container is started or unpaused. If the container were killed, the login is lost. If a new container started from the same image, the login would not be there. Ref:  Quickstart SQL Server in a Docker Container -

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Database Pros Who Need Your Help

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SQL Server 2016 - Development and T-SQL
how to print NULL for datetime column - i have a variable called date @Date DATETIME = NULL, i want to capture this variable into error log information set @log =   @Log + '  ,Date: ' + @Date but this is not capturing anything. i have tried convert(varchar(20),ISNULL(@Date,GETDATE()),110)  it worked ; but i don't want to capture getdate. i want to print NULL.  
Range of values not from a table - Hi, I want a range of values between a start number and end number say 10000 to 50000 using SQL, but these are not stored anywhere on a table. The idea is to then compare each value with the user-ID of a database table to see which ID is missing and which exists. e.g. In […]
Max window function with order by - Hello Everyone Thought I knew how Window functions worked in SQL Server but that was  before I ran below script This script is part of a CTE which is then fed into other CTEs downstream - but I am having hard time understanding how the MAX function here is deriving maximum date for each row […]
empty sys.dm_exec_query_stats - Hello   I am having an issue with the query stats dmv If I run a statement or execute an SP I would expect it to generate a row in sys.dm_exec_query_stats Sometimes it does but more often than not it doesn't I'm also finding that when it does, if I query sys.dm_exec_query_stats a couple of […]
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Script multiple queries - Is it possible to script multiple queries?  I need to transfer about 30 queries from one server to another w/o copying the entire database.  I was hoping i wouldn't have to script out each query individually in SSMS.
Reporting Services
Failed Executions - Curious what everyone else is doing... I've always had a daily report showing me report subscriptions that failed.  I've had a task to better monitor all report interactions (subscriptions, cache refresh and interactive) sitting in my queue, but I put it off because of other higher priority tasks.  Right now I'm in the process of […]
Integration Services
SSIS task and transformation types in SSISDB - Hello   Does SSISDB hold the type of task anywhere It would make querying for slow tasks or data transformations much easier Also, look at history to see if specific transformation timescales have changed etc.   Thanks  


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