SQL Server System Audit Report

SQL Server System Audit Report Rudy Panigas, 2018-05-25 (first published: 2016-02-02) With every technology, security is in the forefront of the minds of professionals around the world. Ensuring that your SQL Server is secure is the job of every Database Administrator (DBA). The DBA(s) needs to configure the system to minimize the “attack surface” (reducing […]

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New Azure “SQL Server settings” blade in the Azure Portal


I just noticed today that there is a new blade in the Azure portal...

Mass Backup All Sessions


Migrating Extended Event Sessions from one server to another should be a simple task....

The SQL Change Automation in SSMS Beta


Give it a try, as the beta is out. I’ve been watching this product...

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The Change Failure Rate

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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Determining the length of a data type

By michael.leach2015

On this website in at the beginning of the 3rd paragraph, we have: "Length...

Merge/Split/Switch partition's affect on indexes?

By SystemlordAnubis

Hi All, Currently I have a partitioned table that is partitioned by date.  On...

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