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  • RE: What will the results be for the code below?

    Actually the explanation of the behavior of the fist SELECT statement is not very accurate:

    "because DATETIME has a higher precedence than INT 2 is converted to a DATETIME which results...

  • RE: Potential Issue with Re-Naming Stored Procedures

    Nice finding! Good to know...

    The script could be simplified (2005 and 2008):

    SELECT OBJECT_NAME(object_id) AS proc_name

    , object_id

    , definition

    FROM sys.sql_modules


    AND PATINDEX('%' + OBJECT_NAME(object_id) + '%', definition) = 0

    ORDER BY OBJECT_NAME(object_id);

  • RE: Just for fun

    The next step is to peek up a word (more than three or four letters of course) and Google it:-D

    I tried with this one - Kimatos :w00t:

  • RE: Replication

    We use it in our Peer-to-Peer replications and they are Transactional replications, too. And it is very useful... 🙂 IMO the question is incorrectly asked.

  • RE: How To Get Table Row Counts Quickly And Painlessly

    jcrawf02 (9/2/2009)

    "Quickly and Painlessly" doesn't seem to fit the method, when SELECT COUNT(*) FROM myTable is just four little words (ok, a function ain't a word, whatever) long, and the...

  • RE: Yet Another Deleting Duplicate Records (in-place)

    Thanks, Oded.

    Unfortunately the CTE method does not work with SQL 2000. Last year I needed to cleanup hundreds tables in order to introduce primary keys, before 2000 - 2005 conversion...

  • RE: Creating views under INFORMATION_SCHEMA in SQL 2005


    Thank you for your response. I brought my example just for simplicity. The viewes that I am using looks something like this one (there are some more user tables involved):


  • RE: Creating views under INFORMATION_SCHEMA in SQL 2005

    Thank you both for your postings. May be my description of the problem wasn't clear. I don't have any problems creating views under INFORMATION_SCHEMA in SQL 2000 at all. The...

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)