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  • RE: SP Perfomance Issue

    Thanks for the turns out the devil was in the detail and the sql server versions were not exactly the same. One was RTM and the other SP1. I've...

  • RE: Creating a View

    Does this do what you need...




    (SUM(b.homescore) + SUM(c.awayscore)) as High_Score

    FROM teams a

    INNER JOIN results b ON

    a.tnum = b.hometeam

    INNER JOIN results c ON

    a.tnum = c.awayteam

    GROUP BY tname,country

    HAVING (SUM(b.homescore) + SUM(c.awayscore)) >...

  • RE: Replication question

    Ah right I see. I thought if the transactions had not been distributed to the subscriber (via the distributor) then they wouldn't. But that's not the case. You're saying that...

  • RE: When my Application is UP SQL server is Slow

    Have you run the likes of perfmon and SQL Profiler etc to see what happens on the box before and during startup of your application? This should give you a...

  • RE: Replication question


    If you're using transactional replication, the log file for the publishing database will probably grow too as the VLFs inside that log file won't be marked as inactive (and therefore...

  • RE: Waiting tasks

    You can expand the [process] tab in Activity Monitor and that should show you. Alternatively you can run the following script (or the many variations of it) to query the...

  • RE: dm_os_performance_counters

    Thanks for the reply. Right I get that, so PerfMon is sampling every second and showing the difference (in this case = 0), whereas SQL server DMV is showing the...

  • RE: Attach MDF that wasn't cleanly shutdown

    Well I tried that (from the blog post), fascinating. First method fine, stop service and delete log file etc. Second method (detach - delete - create new database and rename...

  • RE: Attach MDF that wasn't cleanly shutdown

    Thanks for that Gail. I'll check that post now.

    Yes I totally agree RE: DR plan, we do have a proper DR plan for our prod/dev servers (inc full db and...

  • RE: Page Restore

    Gail that worked a charm. I followed the steps you outlined:

    Identify Page (using DBCC IND)

    Took DB offline

    Opened MDF in HxD and navigated to page(offset)

    Added some garbage text and save

    Brought the...

  • RE: Page Restore

    Thanks guys...two different approaches. I'll try and have a go at each and post back my success rate.

    Again, thanks 🙂

  • RE: XML Shred to tabular data

    Yes, I like that idea. Haha

    Thanks both for your time. I think I can work with that.


  • RE: XML Shred to tabular data

    Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately this is not our own XML, it's comes to us from a 3rd party and we have no control over the structure. Ideally it...

  • RE: XML Shred to tabular data

    Hi, thanks for taking time to look at that. Ideally I'd like to see....

    Emp_id Skill_ID Skill_Name

    1 1 tSQL

    1 2 SSRS

    1 3 SSAS

    1 4 SSIS

    1 5 Replication

    2 1 tSQL

    2 2 SSRS


  • RE: XML Shredding

    Thanks all.

    GSquared, that's perfect. It is a field in a table storing XML, not a single XML doc that I'm working with. That probably would have been my next question,...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 161 total)