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  • Reply To: Limiting Access

    Even if she already had permission in her own right though via an additional GRANT to Sallydev, it would still do nothing and answer 2 would still not be true...


    Stewart "Arturius" Campbell (8/17/2016)

    Interesting question, Bob, thanks

    However, i noticed a slight inconsistency in the explanation, viz. When a NULL is inserted as a seventh row, Query 2 still returns 6...

  • RE: Rounding Rules

    Ah OK so I take it the question is still wrong and I haven't just lost my mind... As it's written now the "correct" answer is 1.7 but there is...

  • RE: What is the impact of setting SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF?

    Hi Nakul, thanks for the reply.

    You've confirmed my understanding of sp_configure which I then think means it would be worth a clarification in your article in the section headed...

  • RE: What is the impact of setting SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF?

    I'm confused by the use of sp_configure and I can't find a clear source anywhere to explain it. If the "user options" is made up of a bitmap of options...

  • RE: SET CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL and legacy code

    ScottPletcher (11/12/2015)

    Explicitly set it ON immediately before DELETE/INSERT/UPDATE statements and OFF immediately afterward?

    You would think that would work, but at the same time you'd think that doing it at the...

  • RE: What To Do When the Import and Export Wizard Fails (Part I)

    Yep - unable to see the article due to a redirect loop.

  • RE: Usage of Null

    Though technically the answer is "it depends on the initial setting of SET ANSI NULLS..." 😛

  • RE: TOP and ORDER BY

    Darn it I counted the 4's wrong after having a lightbulb moment about what 'With Ties' does. As I clicked the answer I knew it was wrong because it was...


    Richard Warr (4/29/2013)

    baabhu (4/29/2013)

    Want my points back. The answer is those hints can be used either with "with" hint or without the with hint. My points back.

    You get a point...

  • RE: Best all-round monitoring tool for

    Grant Fritchey (2/6/2013)

    I won't say bad things about the competition, but be sure you do a VERY thorough evaluation of the Quest/Dell offerings. Just saying.

    Noted, thanks 🙂

  • RE: Best all-round monitoring tool for

    Grant Fritchey (2/6/2013)

    Red Gate SQL Monitor (of course)

    SQL Sentry

    Confio Ignite

    Our software is a good choice for general monitoring, up-time, guidance on performance problems, historical information tracking & custom metrics and...

  • RE: Best all-round monitoring tool for

    Hmm - could be lots of cores. Just checking now.

    It has 16 cores which I believe are spread across 4 CPUs, so maybe not that dangerous.

  • RE: Best all-round monitoring tool for

    I guess that cost is probably not an issue as you have just one server?

    That's true - that server has a huge number of CPUs in it though so per-CPU...

  • RE: Finding New Years Eve

    Just to be picky, it actually won't work after the 28th Jan due to that dateadd of a month in there 😛

    Happy new year


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)