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  • RE: Screen layout messed up in Forum control panel

    Just the control panel, and now only if I access it via the links within My Account. If I access it from the top of the forums list, it...

  • RE: Screen layout messed up in Forum control panel

    Have just tried it and I get the same.

    The auto updater just upgraded me to Firefox 35.0 and I get the same behaviour.

  • RE: Improvements to site accessibility

    Here goes. This is not thorough, its just what I found when having a quick check.

    Images without alt or title tags:

    Graphics such as Technical article, simple-talk, MSSQLTips, stairways, star and...

  • RE: Screen layout messed up in Forum control panel

    Steve - yes, still a problem. Desktop Firefox 34 and IE11, and android firefox as well.


  • RE: Screen layout messed up in Forum control panel

    Bizarre, I have attached a screenshot of what I see. Operating system is Windows 7 SP1 with all current updates.

    I have tried IE11 compatability views as experience shows this...

  • RE: spacer.gif Image missing from web server

    Thanks Steve. By the way, the image link in your forum signature also shows as missing.


  • RE: What was that field name?

    Note the original question asked about running this in Query Analyzer, whereas the answer was given using Management studio.

    Therefore the answer should have been that you can't connect to SQL...

  • RE: Adding to SQL Server

    The ability to declare a variable to be the same data type and size as a field in a table, like Oracle's %type function, to eliminate implicit data type conversion.


  • RE: Vulnerable to SQL Injection third-party API

    As an alternative, could the application connect to SQL via an account that doesn't have rights to execute DDL statements, or wold this break your software?


  • RE: Buggy Forever

    The best non computing analogy I can think of is a book - you own the copy of it - whether paperback, hardback or ebook form, but you don't own...

  • RE: Buggy Forever

    Steve - you don't buy the software. What you buy is a license to use the software in accordance with the terms and conditions in the accompanying license agreement.

    The software...

  • RE: Why Sql server?

    Which application (or applications) do you want to run on it? if its provided by a vendor, then you will have to go with what they support for a specific...

  • RE: surprise with the version in 2008

    Are you sure you were connecting to the same database server? Query Analyser was last provided with SQL 2000 and should be avoided on newer versions (it may not allow...

  • RE: Bad Passwords

    How long is fix minutes?


  • RE: Get Next AutoNumber -- Insert Into Table

    Apologies for the delay in replying, but I think I have now got the answer to this:

    In the Form_AfterUpdate event handler on the main form, put something like this:

    Private Sub...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)