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  • RE: Powershell Database Backup Script

    I could see using this script on a SQL express installation without SQL Agent installed. Windows Scheduled Taks would be used for scheduling it.

    I am not sure how I...

  • RE: How to get all MSSQL database columns names, data types and length


    I ran the query against AdventureWorks and the join to data type included column names as a type

    Here is a sample of the output

    TableName ColumnName Name Length

    Address AddressID int 4

    Address AddressLine1 nvarchar 120

    Address AddressLine1 AccountNumber 120

    Address AddressLine1 Name 120

    Address AddressLine1 OrderNumber 120

    Address AddressLine1 Phone 120

    Address AddressLine2 nvarchar 120

    Address AddressLine2 AccountNumber 120

    Address AddressLine2 Name 120

    Address AddressLine2 OrderNumber 120

    Address AddressLine2 Phone 120

  • RE: Table Data Sizes


    I notice some tables where still being skipped after your latest changes. The query excludes tables without a clustered index.

    To include them, modify the where clause to use (sysindexes.indid...

  • RE: Table Data Sizes


    You are right about the order. The columns types where still character because that is how sp_spaceused returnsthem. I updated the code with a a select that converts them...

  • RE: Table Data Sizes

    Thanks ngreene for sharing your script. Without it this forum topic and sharing of scripts would not of happened.

    SanDroid my visual tests show the results are the same for both...

  • RE: Implementing Execution Log Reports on 32-bit SQL Server 2008 R2

    Thanks for the article. It motivated me to look more into this sample tool and maybe make use of it.

    At first I did not know what Execution Log Reports...

  • RE: Analysis Services Change Location OLAP\Config

    I found the solution I was looking for. I wanted to be able to use the installation GUI and still be able to specify the Analysis Services configuration folder location....

  • RE: SQL Overview VI - Monitoring Process Locks

    I recently discovered the space in the new table SQL_Sysprocesses was not being freed even though the delete old rows statement was successful for each package execution. To fix this...

  • RE: usp_who5

    Thanks for sharing your stored procedure. I was successful in creating and executing this stored procedure from a user database on SQL Server 2005 and 2008.

    I was surprised that...

  • RE: Mirror vs. Cluster - Which should we do?

    How many applications will be using these databases?

  • RE: Mirror vs. Cluster - Which should we do?

    Database Mirroring and Window clustering both help with High Availability in different ways and both have limitations.

    I look at Window clustering as keeping a spare server ready to go. It...

  • RE: SQL Overview Part 1

    MaximumErrorCount is set for each container. For example Populate ADO Variable is set to 1 because if it can't set the variable there is no reason to attempt the other...

  • RE: SQL Overview VI - Monitoring Process Locks

    Some components such as fn_ServerInstanceName is included in the file attachment for the previous article: SQL Overview Part V[/url]

  • RE: SQL Overview V - Monitoring Long Running Jobs

    SQL Monitoring VI is coming out next week. Steve Jones must be planning ahead.

  • RE: SQL Overview SSIS Package III - Full Package

    The scheduled job in the second step creates the temp tables on the local server. This allows the SSIS package to start.

    Then when an item in the package connects...

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 117 total)