Turkish Expat working for Oracle in Dubai wants to move to S

  • Dear Friends,

    I was working in Istanbul for Oracle and then I moved to Dubai. After staying in here for 2 years, I found some job opportunities in SQ. I had attended 16th Jamboree Mondial in Seoul and on the way to S.Korea, there was a transfer from SQ, therefore I had a 1 day chance to see around, yet that was in 1991. I can remember a clean city with lots of techy stuff around, especially the highrise buildings...it looked like metropolitan style place thenon to me!

    My questions are not subtle:

    1-Any person who knows Istanbul (24hours of living!!) would understand my question more than anyone! I am used to city life, street culture, wandering across streets, getting into minimalist cafes, eating food outside of a restaurant, going to techno/trance/dnb/electronika clubs. I mean I am an extrovert and easygoing person, I love to mingle around with friends and so on. In that respect, Dubai did not satisfy me very much. How is the life in SQ for a single person that has various social activity type of interests? I just wanted to get a flavor from you

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  • :blink: is this for real?

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  • I am wondering whether this is a story from a Bollywood blockbuster!!! And is it Amaitabh Bachhan himself speaking!!!

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  • Oh, it's a really nice story I have ever heard and I believe that is true,. time goes and everything has changed from that time, so now Dubai is really an outstanding place for relaxation, living, and work. Coworking https://theplace.group/event-spaces today is a fashionable and convenient scheme for organizing the workflow when specialists who represent different areas of activity fruitfully work in one space. And there are a lot of such centers in Dubai. Everything has changed, and it's worth seeing.

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