sqllib error: sysdatabases in SQL server instance is empty

  • The backup software is runing as domain\administrator, this user is added to SQL within the Security and looking at the server roles it is a member of Public and Sysadmin

    I would have thought that this would be pretty much full control of the SQL Server?


  • yup your right. Have you run a trace on the server while its going?

    it may not tell you but it may provide you with some info.

    it screams permissions to me, a lot of 3rd party sttuff runs under odd accounts, I presume you found what it login it uses through the SQL logs?



  • No i checked what it uses to run looking within services and checking what the service is running as.

    Also i have not run the profiler as im not 100% sure how to but i am looking in to it.


  • Hi all,

    You're best bet to understand what's happening is to read these two:





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