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    kapil_kk (10/25/2012)

    One question, I am confused on this...

    select ID, name name from person

    select ID ID, name name from person

    Both these statements dont give any error message and run successfully...

    wht is it so?

    Hi kapil,

    1st statement :-

    it's showing that you are giving the alias column name to column 2(name). I can also right this like:-

    select ID, name as [name] from person


    select ID, name as [Column_2] from person

    2nd Statement :-same thing happen in 2nd statement.

    Check below statement. have fun

    select '--------------------' as TT

    select 233 as '____________'



    Vinay Kumar
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    Good Exercise for Basic of SQL.

    Nice One


  • @Cassie

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    Easy question.

    It shows once again, the more options/possibilities, the more errors can be made.

  • kapil_kk


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    Thanks Danny 🙂

    To get quick answer follow this link:

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