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    The Resource database (mssqlsystemresource)depends on the location of the master database. If we move the master database, can't the resource database also would follow the master database?

    No, in SQL SERVER 2008 (and 2008 R2) the resource database has to live in the same place as the SQL Server executables.

    I believe the key here is to understand that during a SQL Server installation, the resource database is deployed, while the master and other system databases are "built".

    We know that the resource database is replaced when a service pack is applied. How does the installer know where to look for the resource database files?

    Whenver you install any program, the installer keeps track of where it deploys a file. In our case, it knows where it deployed the resource database during SQL Server deployment.

    If the location of these files are changed, the installer can no longer patch these files - which is why the location of the resource database cannot be changed.

    This is the standard behaviour of any installer.

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    Thanks for the answer.

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    Yes it's wrong. It was an error in an early version of that BoL page. The current up to date SQL 2008 BoL page (Moving System Databases) states that it cannot be moved.

    Tom, that's kinda' rough. Setting my help to Try Online First yields the statement that says you can move Resource DB but it's not advisable. I had to go out to MSDN online specifically to see the page you're referring to. Either my help is messed up or the builtin viewer is only 99% trustworthy.

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    I got the book answer right because I teach the classes but the FACT is that it is possible. The question was:

    "Are we able to move Resource database in SQL Server 2008?"

    And we ARE able. Period. Answer was wrong 🙂 The question should have been:

    "SHOULD we move the Resource database?" if there is a reason NOT to.

    I did it in my demo environment and everything is working great, including updates. Will it break? Probably, eventually.

    Always remember, many we things we SHOULD not do are possible, like joining XP Home to a domain... interview question "Can you join XP Home to a domain?" and I said yes, you can... and I was right.

    Did I have to change a registry setting? Sure I did and it worked! But you shouldn't...

    It's all in the wording of the question 😀

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    I've moved this database on several of my servers using Microsoft guides???!

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