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  • Well these are the answers taken directly from Microsoft's homepage, this includes the paragraph about every tester see the following page:

    Q. What is SQL Server 2008 Developer edition and how is it licensed?


    SQL Server 2008 Developer edition is SQL Server 2008 Enterprise licensed per developer and must be used for designing, developing, and testing purposes only. There is no limit on the number of installations as long as those instances are used only by the licensed developer/tester.


  • I think this is right as long as you do it for an application that you have developed, but for an application developed by a third party that might not be the case. I will contact Microsoft to get an "official" answer.


  • Do that but when you do it please verify that they run it past the license business desk since these are the people that have the authoritative answer. Not everyone that work at Microsoft know everything about the licensing rules.

  • Lynn Pettis (11/28/2008)

    Just playing the Devil's Advocate here, but couldn't you consider user training of an application using SQL Server 2005 as the database backend a "demonstration use"?

    Ya beat me to it...

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