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    Legendz XL (face, chest, pubis). During this time,   is literally making us men. The amount of subcutaneous fat decreases, muscle mass increases, and simultaneously the size and width of the rib cage. The voice becomes more serious, the jaws, the chin and the nose take on a more square, more adult aspect. Finally, the Adam's apple becomes prominent.   is then at its highest level, and is largely responsible for our transformation into man. But this impact does not stop at the time of the adolescence, fortunately !! On the contrary, with high levels up to the age of about 30 years,   is a major asset for anyone who loves bodybuilding, who wants to develop his body and physique. Strength Muscles, Muscle Mass and Strength Gain   and muscle mass As we have already pointed out, it is in adolescence that the muscle mass intake starts, directly related to the increase of   levels in the blood. And throughout our lives, whether naturally up to thirties or through supplementation via a natural booster of Strength Muscles, as soon as our levels start to decrease, this hormone will remain essential in our ability to gain muscle, To maintain it, and to achieve our goals in terms of strength and physical appearance. A study carried out in 19 confirms without question that   has the property of promoting muscular development. This study also shows that these effects are strongly related to the assay. The higher the   dose, the greater the anabolic effects. Another study measured the action time of an increase in   levels: it takes weeks to r.


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