Handling The Text Data Type

  • bdavey

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    Thanks for posting that. I noticed the same thing but thought I had missed something.

    Any idea what the alternative is? I expect using SUBSTRING.

  • wonder6789boy


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    Well done, Robert!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge - it really saved when working on a clients' old SQL 2000 Server!

  • pt9s

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    Thank you so much for this very informative article.

    I have been trying to analyze the windows registry with SQL Server and found some lines to be over 60 thousand characters long!

    I would like to chop the long lines into 2000 character segments and put it into a new table with the original rowID, segmentID, and the 2000 characters in a varchar field.

    With what you've shown I think it will work.

    Thanks so much!!


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